Is Quantum Light Tunneling Faster Than Light?

Information can’t travel faster than light, things can.

Part 2

When you think of Quantum Universe, chances are, you think of tiny, individual particles, all zipping around and colliding into one another. But one of the counter-intuitive aspects of quantum nature of reality is that, this picture doesn’t quite explain what we observe.

We know that there’s a fundamental uncertainty inherent to certain properties (like the positions) of quantum particles, and we can only describe them fully by using probability.

What this means is that, if you take a single quantum particle, place it down at any location, and ask some time later, “Where is it now”?, you won’t ind it by simply multiplying its speed by the time that has passed.

The quantum nature of this particle means that its position is defined by a wave function, and that’s not well determined.

We can only give you the probabilities of where you might find it.

This bizarre, counter-intuitive property of quantum physics isn’t a imitation of our measurement equipment, but rather is a fundamental property of our reality and the rules that govern it.

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  1. So we have to find where the particle has gone to find out what path it took (as well as where it is). Then I suppose we have to do it again. But the particle’s is not necessarily a random process, because it’s behaving as it should by nature and by attribute. And all the particles like it. This is fantastic to consider. It’s like trying to understand and map surprise.


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