Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than light?

Information can’t travel faster than light, things can.

Part 1

If you threw a tennis ball at a solid wall, it will strike the wall and ricochet back at you every single time you do it. And it’s nothing unique. In fact, that is exactly what everyone expects it do. It is general physics. A strong barrier will always prevent any incoming object from passing through it.

But at the quantum level, this isn’t strictly true. At quantum level, things are bizarre. Everything is weird.

If you replace a tennis ball with a quantum particle, and the solid wall with any quantum mechanical barrier, there is a finite possibility that the particle will tunnel through the barrier, and will wind up being detected on the other side.

It’s as if you threw the tennis ball at the wall and it went right through it ending up on the other side without being affected.

We have successfully measured how long the tunneling process takes and found that it was instantaneous.

But this doesn’t mean that it happened faster than the speed of light.

Quantum Universe is a peculiar place. But why is it the way it is?

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  1. Like if you push water it changes. If you push a chair the perceptible structure of the chair does not change so maybe at a quantum level things are more affected by all kinds of “pushes.”

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      • I’m not a physicist but he threw out the question to the public. I was just pointing out a difference between fluid and solid states and wondering whether particles at the quantum level may be acting more like fluids that are further subjected to forces we currently may not be fully aware of.


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