Haan! Ye Karlo pehle!

Title Translation: Yes! Do this first.

While the entire nation is under lockdown, working from homes, doing whatever they can to make ends meet, Modi Government wants to hold virtual rallies to mark 1-Year Anniversary of being in power for the second term.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will hold 750 virtual rallies to celebrate the first anniversary of the Modi government. The party will also organise around 1,000 virtual conferences which would be attended by the national and state leaderships.

BJP said the first year has been very promising with the abrogation of Article 370, passing of the Triple Talaq Act and the path to the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya has also been cleared with the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict.

The party in its communication said, “All these achievements will be written in golden letters in history.”

At the moment, I really don’t care if Article 370 was a success or not; or if Triple Talaq was a historic decision or not; all I care about is what are we doing to control the pandemic. And I think all the other mentally sane people do too.

But not the government. They want to CELEBRATE! Great. Why not!

One should celebrate every moment until it lasts.

But this time, it won’t just end for a few people. If these idiosyncrasies keep increasing, all the moments of happiness and plight will end for every person on the face of this planet.

But… Who Cares! Right?

P.S. I am counting on these people to change the definition of “Virtual” altogether!

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  1. I agree with you…. people are dying for food…. and i don’t know what gov is doing…. they received alot of donations from tata to akashy kumar… but what are…..our gov is doing nobody knows……

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      • You are right, you heard a minor a few days ago🤔.., that they are going to make the tricolor in the air up to Kanyakumari in the sky, I was so angry, is it time to make the tricolor? People are dying of hunger, everything is in bad condition, there is no money, they are doing it, now when so many people have given donations to them, they do not know what they are playing the game…. Will people get food by making tricolor in their air?

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  2. It’s so basic; deal with disease. And by the way feed hungry people. This is hard? It must be, since the leaders in the USA cannot do it, either. Or evidently perceive the situation. I expect science and action. And millions of stories around the planet of everyone who finds small ways and large to help. But science is put down, and action is limited by party politics. Thank goodness, the millions of stories of helping can be told, because people are eschewing politics in favor of the right thing to do.

    Gold letters? Going away to golf? Come on.


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