Colleges At The Cost Of Colleges?

Stop me when I start sounding insane, but how exactly do you come to an agreeable conclusion that it is a better idea to have Medical Colleges instead of a few colleges that already exist?

Wanting more Medical Colleges instead of few of the finest colleges in India is what Hindutva has steeped to.

These people ask for more Medical Colleges be built instead of the colleges which have contributed so highly in terms of their level of education; their alumni being a proof of that.

If Medical Colleges are so important to you people, don’t you think you should have thought about using the money on Medical Science; the money that you wasted on a 3000 crore Statue, Temples, Election Rallies, Nationwide massacres, etc?

How do you explain shutting down such fine universities and expect someone to adore you?

I understand that people like you don’t know the value of good education, but still, have some regard at least for people like Shahrukh Khan, Mohammad Hamid Ansari, etc.

Now, just because Kanhaiya Kumar and our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also graduated from JNU, doesn’t mean the University is wrong.

If you buy a 100 apples and 2 turn out to be rotten, you don’t assume that the entire plantation is bad. Do you?

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  1. Ok. 2nd para I guess “the hindutva”.
    Not being any extremist but thinking rationally I or anybody in my knowledge would never link the medical colleges with the hindutva or Islam or Christianity rather I would have linked it with ” The business”. i.e. “… Steeped to business”.
    That’s what it has become.
    But it’s just an opinion.


      • Simple. Ignore. You can’t have any cerebral conversation if the other person is carrying the ‘religion’ as his counters. At least I would never give it a second look and would have simply scrolled down.


      • If that is the best way out, people are expecting to be protected by God and are saying Covid-19 is just a hoax. What should we scientists and doctors do? Put our head down and walk away?


    • And how is this about business?
      I’d like to hear all about that rationality.
      How is someone who has to tweet about shurting down JNU, Jamia Milia and replace them with some medical colleges that will be built by someone, so.ewhere, someday, a business thing for the person who went online to tweet?


      • Honestly I didn’t get what you ask. But to reply to my Business statement;
        Say, I or you have lots of money; better to invest in such place where i can get non stop return.
        Be it coaching centres, medical, law, engineering, management colleges etc. You see, what kota has become now. What are the levels of engineering has downgraded to. Medical colleges are blooming like mushrooms.
        It’s all business.
        But again I would say that it’s just an opinion and no where I tend to prove myself.


      • Knowing the person helps.
        Like, say you have a friend. He says something trivial. You’ll understand the context of it, I won’t.
        You understand?


  2. Unfortunately people operate too much on fear. Adding medical schools seems like wow protection but I agree that prevention is a better idea (think this going through twice sorry)


  3. At this point after being 2 months or so in quarantine I have no clue if better apples bad apples or oranges……. You did make a good point though. Not all the harvest is bad because of two rotten apples.

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  4. I think there has often been a focus on producing medical doctors around the globe like that can fix everything for us. I think engineers and scientists are likely more important in certain situations as your post suggests. People likely want to see someone in a white coat come “fix everything.” For instance a simple example is, without the scientists who develop medications, a doctor’s hands would be quite limited. Same for the engineers that create medical equipment.


  5. That’s right. Perhaps it’s a question of land space and they think there isn’t enough room or money to create or maintain all of those buildings.


    • So, according to you, when they build 3000 crore worth statues and use enormous amount of area to do that, it doesn’t use money or area.
      But when it comes to more colleges, they have to shut down the best colleges to build colleges in their place.
      Makes a lot of sense!


      • Good point. No not according to me. So apparently they are choosing what matters they think to their society. One problem with being too smart is you can lose touch with the practical things people “on the ground” care about and the fact of the matter is, usually the majority rules. That’s why I’m glad my IQ is high per our previous discussions, but not 190.


  6. No matter what assumption is, bad or somewhat ok. It is still an assumption. We all need to thread where question is the answer to what we can for the love not of and have so much pretenses. At least be inquisitive enough to always ask. “There is no stupid questions, only bad attitude and behaviors.


  7. The colleges mentioned here are top-notch and every profession is very important. Colleges can’t be made at the cost of education. It really is shameful how our country reacts to a pandemic.

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