“A Potent Social Vaccine”

Lockdown and all its guidelines have acted as a potent social vaccine. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union health minister 17:00 (IST), MAY 24

If the doubling rate in India before the lockdown was between 3-4 days, today the doubling rate is more than 13-days: Dr Harsh Vardhan 16:59 (IST), MAY 24

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, I just have one question for you. Were you taught in school that you can compare a child turning 14 days old from 7 and say he has a doubling rate of 7 days to someone turning 32 years old who once was 16 and say that his age is doubling much slower than the child’s?

And which lockdown are you exactly referring to? The lockdown that is currently in motion is nowhere near to what one can call a “LOCKDOWN”.

You really have no regard for Mathematics. Do you? For you, it seems to be like Mathematics has no rules, no formulas; just put in whatever you want and calculate however you wish to! Such higher level of intellect. Even Walter O’Brien would start feeling inferior.

How do you manage to do it Dr.? I mean, where did you acquire these mathematical skills? At Modi-Trump University?

In some countries when the situation went out of control they took the decision of lockdown & in most places it was a partial lockdown: Dr Harsh Vardhan

In India, when the situation is starting to go out of control, the governments are taking decisions to re-open states and resume buses, trains, etc.
That makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t it?

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      • The fact that people are getting depressed stuck at home and the fact that economies are being destroyed causing people to have a lot of financial problems – I don’t think personally re-opening should be “rushed” but what about those things?


      • Those things can be built again like the way they were before they existed.
        People being stuck at home isn’t something that is choice-based.
        If they want to go out, they should and get infected. Who cares.
        But if they are interested in having a life, then better stay put.


  1. Well, i feel the entire nation has failed not only ruling party or authorities or warriors. Did we as citizens show discipline to follow lockdown as it was required to? People had that “nothing can happen” attitude when the lockdown began. We are invincible, belief many carry. Why lockdown was successful in China because there equal citizen participation, may be by force, which is absolutely impossible here.
    As soon as lockdown progressed there was a clamour from opposition and biased media

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    • Well, you can’t say all the citizens didn’t do what was required.
      But you can say all the politiicians didn’t do what was required.
      You see the difference there?


      • I see the difference. But let me tell you citizens have also failed miserably. Atleast that is what i see in my city of Ahmedabad. Complete carelessness. Political class, irrespective of parties are never to be trusted to do what is best for the country. We are observing it since 1947. And hence people need to be more vigilant.


      • Neither do I support any political party nor the highly intellectual citizens of our country who brought one such stupid party into power.
        I write the truth.
        The ground reality.


      • Highly intellectual elite citizens of the country has not brought this party in power. It is common citizens of the country who voted for them. Elites always felt comfortable with INC as they belong to same strata of the society. At the end there is nothing to choose between either. All are here to loot the country, sadly so.


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