And I Thought ‘Gods’ Were Supposed To Help Us

As the world continues to rumble and the economies continue to tremble, I just have one question: Where are The Gods?

I have heard it a zillion times that God will help us, save us, protect us. But now, I don’t see him/them doing any of that.

There are over 2 million temples in India, 300,000 mosques, and hundreds of Gurudwaras and Churches. All of them put together have enough money to be able to feed the entire world for months. But will they do that? No! Because for some reason, an unknown, invisible thing called god needs that.

All these “Places of Worship”, “The Houses of God”, have insane amounts of wealth in the form of gold, diamonds, currency, etc. But will they donate anything? No. They accept all donations. They don’t give out shit.

Oh! My bad. Shit is the only thing they give out. What they don’t give out is HELP!

But why? Why can’t all of them help the poor? Aren’t they supposed to? Logically, they would just be giving people the money those same people once gave to them as a donation. But they won’t do that. And the reason is very simple; it doesn’t serve them in any way.

All these amazing temples, gurudwaras, etc. are a whole big scam to milk money from people in the name of a thing that has no form.

Considering the amount of money these places earn every year, they should be donating money more than the government itself. After all, these are the only places that don’t pay any tax on their income.

P.S. Just feeding a few people doesn’t count as helping considering the amount of wealth these places are sitting upon. They need to do much more than that.

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  1. I agree that temples should help the people at any given time! But I don’t think that God didn’t help us. Temples aren’t homes of God. The temple authority is to be blamed. There is God in everyone who came forward to help strangers and their businesses!

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  2. My sister is Hare Krishna and they are feeding people here. Our churches are feeding people, But it is ordinary people who contribute funds for this, in our Catholic Many faiths are contributing. The “gods” are useless. Humans are not. My worry is that humans are going to run out of money.
    The Creator is too complicated to explain in a comment. My keyboard is impaired – I poured coke on it by accident. Or this would be longer. Governments and Churches are oddly disconnected from individual humans.

    I have seen my church march out a street person who was hungry and we ad snacks. I am angry with both government and church for their double standards. But I can’t judge them because I don’t know what they are thinking. I only know the God I serve is mighty and that these days are the beginning of tribulation or the age of Kali as my sister says. We cannot pray against the coming tribulations because of our centuries of earned judgement. Cause and effect can’t be dodged.

    A gift to cheer you up. My daughter and her husband. As they say, they are not a band, They sing together for family and friends. I always sing the words to this song to the Lord God Almighty. He has never let me down in all my life.

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  3. Is there a god or no god, doesn’t matter. A believer and a non believer both are same. Agree with you we are humans, for that sake homo sapiens (how do you know homo sapiens is a right word, someone gave it right). So it’s simple, when someone does something extraordinary, we worship such people e.g. Sachin Tendulkar in India. So let’s agree to disagree. Take care brother.

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  4. God is using men and women of integrity to help us.He is using doctor Anthony Fauci,CDC, honest governors,doctors, nurses, people that speak truth to power to protect us.
    God is making these people to say it as it is.And if you have ears you should hear and protect yourselves.If you take a horse to the River will you force the horse to drink?.
    God is omnipresent. He is present in every corners of our lives.If you go out without social distancing 6feet apart or cover your face or wash your hands. God is not guilty but you are the guilty one because you chose to do the wrong thing.
    We should use our discretion and stop pointing fingers. When you were encouraged to drink bleach that it will clean your lungs.Did you do it?.No because God intervened immediately. And we didn’t drink bleach. God is at work with us and in us.So stop pointing fingers against God for he is able.God is quiet but full of power. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


    • If he is so capable and so highly able of doing things, maybe you should stop speaking for him then.
      Let the guy come out of the shadows and speak for himself.
      I promise, I’ll listen.


      • You are funny. You reminded of my father who asked me on a Easter Sunday long time ago. “You claimed that Jesus resurrected from death. Where is here now?”.I replied in heaven at the right hand side of God. He said ,well if he resurrected we need to see him.I said to him, old man you don’t need to see him.If you really want to see him then go to heaven.
        So I said to you that God is omnipresent and omnipotent.
        I hereby rest my case. Thanks.


      • I believe in God.Inspite of all the scientific revolutions,research and findings man has not been able to create human beings.Robots sure.Every nation on earth believe in God to some degree.


      • And in these few years of existence, we have already been able to build humanoids. A few more centuries, and we will be able to make humans too.


      • He is with you right now. You just can’t see him but he can see you. He is not a ghost or spirit.
        He is Omnipresent and omnipotent. Thanks


      • Yes these(gods) are carved objects that they believe to have magical powers to protect and heal them.They still believe in the Supreme being which is God.They worship through these gods. These objects are readily available to them.This is my thinking.


      • Your thinking is wrong. All the “GODS” in India have their personal disciples. It is like, TV celebrities. A lot of them with their own particular followers.


  5. If you had any help to render in this case, I’d have not commented on this.
    But in the case where you don’t have any single thing to say or do to avert this whole pandemic, I’ll just have to ride on.
    I agree with the fact that some religious entities don’t give out as much as they earn, they earn more, offerings and several things, but you shouldn’t be stereotypical.
    You judge by what’s going on in your environment and extend it to the entire world. That’s not meant to be so because some people in some other places who have completely different happenings wouldn’t see it the way you do.
    Here in my country, there are several churches distributing palliatives, not once, almost daily if I’m not exaggerating.
    Now, come to think of it. Because you’ve never heard God speak to you, you conclude there’s no God.
    I only laugh at you because this particular question I’m about to ask you, your answer will determine what next will happen.
    What consists your whole human life?
    Given me an answer and I think I’ll continue.

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    • We are open systems that maintaon homeostasis, areΒ composedΒ of cells, have aΒ lifeΒ cycle, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to our environment, respond to stimuli, reproduce and evolve.


  6. You believe in all these?
    And you don’t believe there’s someone who made them.
    You’ve got a Spirit, a Soul and a Body.
    You believe a human being like you can be an idiot and don’t believe there’s God?
    So you believe when you die, you’ll turn to grass and life continues??
    Why don’t you broaden your research to what happens to the Soul after death, I assure you that your findings will help me ride on!
    Good day Doctor.
    Stay safe.


      • πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        I’m not sure you’ve done the further research I asked you to do.
        When you do it, then bring your findings.
        I’m expecting Sire.


      • You see, how you say that there exists an afterlife and want people to take your word, or the word written in some stupid book, but you expect the scientists to give aproof of everything.
        Not that I won’t.
        But, a bit too much double standards. Don’t you think?


      • Not really Sir.
        Well, I’m not trying to push you into what you don’t want to do.
        But your conclusions should be backed up by a proof.
        “God’s not Dead” is a good movie I’ll recommend for you!
        By the way, you never asked for a proof Sire.


      • Uhhh! Doctor.
        I wanted to cease the talk but a Scientist like you urged me to keep on.
        You must have observed because I didn’t reply in a while.
        There’s a story He’ll like to tell you, are you interested in hearing the story?


      • Oh dear stupid child of non-existent being, no one asked you to reply.
        In this world of technology, there is a very simple way to not engage by simply pressing on the block button.
        Or also, by using this age old technique of ignoring facts in the same way as people like you have been doing for centuries.


      • I can’t really explain why I’m smiling.
        I don’t know but I can’t just help it.
        Do you believe people have emotions?
        And do you believe on can sell it out?
        It’s been nice communicating with you dear Loved Child of God.
        Know the difference between gods and God.
        Enjoy the lockdown Doc and look for a means of saving yourself since the gods can’t!
        But we’ll still stick to FAITH!

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      • We all have different perspectives of life. There are individual differences. And each individual see things differently. It doesn’t mean stupidity. If we all understand things at the same time, then there will be serious problems.I thought that the most educated people are the richest.I quickly find out every day that I was stupid with my thinking because so many people without college degree are millioniers. And I am educated, do not have a penny in my wallet .Let there be peace.If you have products to sell and no traffic, you will not be happy.


      • Smile away! Absolutely. …..”save yourself, since gods can’t”? I wish them good luck with that! Concerning faith…..Blessed (are) they that have not seen, and (yet) have believed, quoting from a book I have read. Keep it up, brother, this won’t last forever.


  7. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. A lot of people, the only time they talk to/toward God is when they want something? Life is OUR test, not God’s. Not so much a test, but an opportunity! You get a chance to PROVE who you really are. Do you help the needy….or look down on them as “low-life”, and walk on past. Do you treat them as if they ARE God, because they are exactly equal to that, to God! Giving IS better than receiving. If it costs you your life…YOU WIN!! Nirvana, Heaven, call it what you like. The next life doesn’t want riff-raff…and none gets in. Liars, thieves, etc. aren’t going to be in more trouble for one occasion MORE than another. It’s your willingness to do the deed. In a bind, “I’ll just lie, and end it. It’s a small lie.”, even though the smallest lie is exactly equal to the largest lie ever told! If they had eyes, they’d see, God HAS given us help….the chance of a lifetime. God saves us, too.
    You talk about speed of light etc.. What do you suppose one lifetime is, compared to eternity? I’ll tell you what it is. It ‘s almost nothing. It’s one grain of sand in the worlds oceans, and more. I like to say, it’s like ten minutes. If you could have a next life that was the best you can imagine…multiplied by a zillion….could you do what you believe God would want you to be doing in this life of JUST TEN minutes?? Ten minutes? Well, that’s all it is, once it’s over. When I was very young, I asked Grandma, “What was your FASTEST decade?”. Without hesitation she said she, “went to bed 49, and got up in the morning 60 years old!”! Time IS relative.
    Do everything, using Love as a standard, because even a hundred year life is short.
    Who wants to be the person who walked right past that beggar who is there in God’s stead. Willingness, that’s the (non-)test….THE opportunity of a lifetime.

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