Multiverse Is Inevitable

Multiverse is inevitable and we are living in it!

The Universe we observe, from one end to another; it is just a single drop in a vast, never-ending cosmic ocean.

Imagine, beyond what we can see, there is more space, more stars, galaxies, blackholes, planets, solar systems, and a lot more of everything else. And all of it continuing for zillions of lights years beyond what we will ever be able to access.

Imagine that there is not one but zillions of Universes just like ours, spread across countless number of light years; some larger and older; some smaller and younger dotted throughout an even larger space-time. Imagine!

As rapidly and inevitably these Universes expand, the Space-Time containing them expands even more quickly, driving the apart from one another and ensuring that no two Universe will ever meet. making sure, you will never get to see your doppleganger from a parallel Universe.

All of this is a crazy fiction and a real dream I so much want to prove to be true.

If the science we accept today is correct, if all our theories and equations hold, it’s not only a valid idea, it’s an unavoidable consequence of our fundamental laws.

Idea of Multiverse has its roots in the Physics required to describe the Universe that we see and inhabit today.

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  1. I was reading some interesting notes related to this today, regarding some high energy particle readings from Antarctica. Fascinating, and it definitely appears to point towards at least one parallel universe (which obviously implies the existence of an endless number of them)

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  2. That was a really interesting read! I loved how you wove in descriptive language with science to make this a pleasure to read. Thanks for the article!

    -Andrew Gavin from Takes One

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  3. I’m not a physicist and I understand there are others who have written about the multiverse, but something I saw in a meditation years ago was basically every sci fi book and movie – and many we can’t even conceive of, are places and lifetimes we’ve lived. The laws of this universe govern this universe and are unique for what we want to experience here. Our senses being an enormous part of how we experience life differently. The way our souls learn here being so diverse and different than say, Atlantis. Or a plasma based universe – and again I’m not a scientist so I can’t really explain some of what I saw. I’m really excited to see how science reveals these theories to us in more scientific ways. It’s really cool some of the new research being done on things like mass consciousness.
    Be well


  4. Multiverse is a crazy concept.. I love it… There’s this battle between super symmetry and Multiverse. What’s more weird it there are actually different types of Multiverse.. I’ve written about them in my blog. Do find time to Read it if your interested. P. S : it’s not going to bore you.


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