Since the day we started understanding science, we only worked in the direction to know and uncover the secrets of the Universe.

None of us ever tried to pay more attention towards the secrets hidden around us. And those who did, well… they weren’t acknowledged much.

Almost everyone who loves science, loves it for one reason; to learn about space. No one wants to know about the water that surrounds us.

We work everyday in order to be able to understand the workings of the Universe; stars, planets, blackholes, nebulas, and everything else.

But we never try to go deep into the oceans to know the unknown!

Today, we know a lot more about what’s in the outer space, than we know about what lies in the oceans.

And this is disturbing!

I know, being a theoretical physicist who is obsessed with string theory, time travel and everything else up there, I have no right to say this. But, I will.

You see, when I got interested in the subject, much like everyone else, it was displayed to me with photos of outer space on the cover!

Outer space was the only thing that was glorified.

Growing up, our education system laid stress on extra-terrestrial objects. Water was just supposed to be there. It was always taken for granted.

The threats water holds are of much more importance than the ones up there.
Because, you see, proximity and all. Turns out, distance matters!

So, going forward, I would suggest everyone who wants to take up science; try to pay more attention towards Fluid Dynamics.

P.S. No one will do any of that. I know! The governments won’t fund a research on WATER!

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  1. I once thought, “No one is ever going to make coloured stockings! I will have to dye my own. so I did. Next season, coloured stocks were in fashion and in retail outlets all over town. So … keep the faith.


  2. I will love to know more about water.
    I can assure you that someone somewhere is working on this.
    An idea doesn’t come to just one person but it takes one person to show that idea to the world.

    Nice suggestion and lovely write up.


  3. Civil Engineers focus a lot on water. We take classes in Fluids, Hydraulics, Ocean Engineering, etc. The focus is mostly on the flowrates and storage for designing stormwater structures and grading (earth slopes and elevations) to prevent flooding. Designing inlets, pipe, ponds, channels, etc. as well as using software to model and better predict outcomes- Hec Hms, stormcad, hydrocad, hec ras, etc. Marine Biologists focus a lot on water in the ocean. I met one who was a PhD student who was getting ocean samples everyday to study the growth of acidification. Yeah there’s so much ocean to explore that would be mostly a biologist thing right now.


    • Know anyone who spent an entire life or even 10 years trying to solve and prove the existence and smoothness of Navier-stokes equation?

      And also, you are a little mistaken here. I was in no way trying to say that we need the engineers to pay more attention towards water.
      We need the biologists, physicists and mathematicians to do that.


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