Dear Arvind Kejriwal

Mr. Chief Minister, you are the only one until now who has managed to prove me wrong. I was under the assumption that you were a literate person. But turns out, you have an intellectual quotient same as someone who once sold tea on the roadside.

Delhi has a total area of 1484 sq.kms. Out of that, 783 sq. kms is designated rural. And having lived in this country, I know for a fact, people of Delhi have no regard for rules and regulations. And you sir, you think they will follow guidelines given by the government. That’s cute!

Re-opening the capital, allowing the buses to run; this is probably the best way to prevent a PANDEMIC! Isn’t it?

Yesterday, Delhi recorded (just) 571 new cases.

Delhi has a population of over 3 crores. 3 crore people in 1484 sq. kms!
And probably 2 crore of them in 783 sq. kms!

You think it is a good idea to allow the buses to run because people of Delhi want Public Transport! Sure. You might be right. You are an ENGINEER after all.

I mean, one can’t keep everyone locked in their homes just because their is this absurd little Covid-19 thing outside. One needs to give people what they want so that they can vote for you in the next election.

P.S. At this rate, with all these RESTRICTIONS in place, Delhi should, and will record at least 30,000 – 40,000 cases in the month of June.

And by the end of this month, Delhi should probably cross the 20,000 mark.

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  1. I feel your pain Bro.
    Where our leaders want to preserve their goodwill than the life of their masses.
    If everyone does now.
    I wonder who will vote him in the second time.
    Well, you should keep calm with him and maybe engage something more supernaturally holy.


    • I know these are desperate times for some idiots. But doesn’t mean I am an idiot too. Doesn’t mean I will start engaging myself with something as stupid, baseless and senseless like supernatural and holy.
      Please keep these brainless suggestions to yourself. And I am not feeling any pain just because someone isn’t doing his job.
      Try to be a bit more sensible in life and try looking at things a bit more logically.


      • πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        I’m sorry Doctor.
        Pardon my unaccepted advice.
        I’ll not repeat it again.
        Next time I’ll post something far more sensible and flexible to be accepted by you and others.
        Your leader will start performing well!


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