So Much For Social Distancing

I’ll just start this one with some photos!

Dikshant Global School
Zirakpur, Punjab
A Construction Site in Zirakpur

Firstly, I haven’t been able to understand why there were people at a school! Some with children too. And some of them weren’t wearing any mask or gloves. Those who were wearing a mask, they somehow managed to find it more important to protect their chins!

And the Construction Site! Well, the photo speaks for itself.

People are like, ‘To hell with social distancing and to hell with Covid-19’! It’s all cool.

So much for the guidelines, the rules, the regulations and every other thing government thinks will help prevent the chaos.

Great job Governments! Kudos!

And people! Well, you were and will continue to be idiots.

You elected illiterates to run an entire country. What more can anyone expect from you.

Keep going! May the force be with you.

You don’t have to worry about the teeny tiny virus. The entire Universe, the God, all the cosmic powers will protect you. You have nothing to worry about.

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  1. Some find it more important to protect their chins! So true. People think the virus will run away with just a “Go Corona song” . What more we can expect from them except protecting their chins!! 😆

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  2. Lockdown now looks like drama. People and vehicles on roads even in red zone have reduced it to a mock drill. Breaking the chain was the motto, when lockdown was imposed first. That couldn’t be done. So now they have started talking about improvement in doubling rate and better survival ratio.

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  3. I just found your blog and have been reading here and there, I may have missed it but if not then I thought I would share with you that you can not trust the numbers out of the USA anyway. The hospitals here are fudging the numbers to get more government funding. There have been people that have died of other things and they say it was the virus, lots of families are angry over it.


    • Well, you can’t trust the numbers coming out of any country.
      But it seems too stupid to show more number of cases than there have actually been.
      Covering up is what the governments do.
      But displaying their lack of failure? I don’t think so.

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  4. It is pretty disturbing how people are carrying on as business as usual. I live down the road from a super Walmart, and I could not believe how packed the parking lot was this past weekend. I have not stepped foot in a Walmart for that same reason. I am proceeding cautiously, despite the behaviors I witness…just saying.


  5. It is the same way here… I hate going to the store because of this!!

    Only some wear masks – usually the older people… I am not overly old (lol) ..but I suit up anyway – I’ve had cancer so I don’t wanna take any chances having to fight for my life again!!!

    The young generation- maybe 30 and under ? No masks nothing…

    And if you go into the big city where I work… you would have no idea there was a deadly virus!! They act like life as usual 😳🤨

    Is the same here – people are gonna be people and until it effects them or they can understand… they aren’t going to get it.

    They are not grasping the severity … and some are rebellious thinking the government trying to control them so they refuse

    Not to mention – Trump is never wearing a mask anywhere 😠 what kind of example does that set??!! Don’t even get me started on this one. ✌️

    To protect others and stop the spread – masks please 🙏 even the tiniest protection better than nothing!!


      • Yeah no kidding!!! I live here lol

        I just talked to my brother about this yesterday … it sucks … he has not handled this good at all!!! Omg – not from day 1!!!

        But then ya know – our election coming in November… our other choice is Biden… has to be better than Trump!! But not the greatest option either??

        If it had been Obama who was leading us through this… he would have used caution and tact and comforted the country, stood united with the world, worked with WHO!!!

        Trump just sends everyone into a tail spin!! Blaming this and that – and never taking any blame himself – always an excuse!! Oh my god! I could rant on and on for years

        Yeah I live here 🤨✌️

        It can be frustrating lol


  6. I just don’t understand how any country anywhere is opening things back up so soon and allowing the idiocy to continue?! We still don’t know enough about this virus or how it’s going to keep evolving! STAY HOME! Sheesh, couldn’t agree with you more!


  7. I was talking with my sister today about protests, so-called, demanding everything be open. That the current situation isn’t democratic or whatever. Protesters not wearing masks and standing next to each other in numbers. Making the protest not only senseless but physically perilous and thus unconscionable. We could see nothing positive in the action.

    Trump is saying everything’s fine because he’s saying it’s fine. And that should be enough. In a fight with a virus without a cure or treatment, who wins? The virus or luck.

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  8. As we have an idiot running our country (denying science, environmentalists, WHO, or anyone who would dare to say he is wrong) it will go without saying that his followers are just as stupid. They either refuse to believe or feel it is an infringement on their civil rights. I have isolated since February as I have breathing issues, go out once a week for groceries and follow all guidelines. Karma always finds its way it may not be tomorrow but eventually it does find you. These people will understand when it hits them on a personal level. Take care, be safe.

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