Reducing The Impact of Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan is about to hit the Indian coast and we are doing practically nothing about it.

State governments are moving people from the coastal areas, putting them in shelters, asking people not to go out and everything else. But what they are not doing is exaclty what needs to be done.

We need to find a way to reduce its impact. But that is least of their worries, I suppose.

Theoretically, a cyclones speed can be reduced by putting tons of ice or dry ice into it.

We knew its trajectory, we knew its path, we knew its speed, time, everything. All the government needed to do was, try to cool it.

Throwing tonnes of ice in its way at intervals of 2 km each would have helped decrease its temperature and that in turn would have decreased its intensity.

I know this is theoretical; I know Bay of Bengal is an open area; but what’s wrong in trying?

I am pretty sure, even if the cyclone hadn’t died down, its intensity would have lessened by some amount.

200,000 Kg ice, spread at 2 Km intervals over a stretch of 20 Kms would have absorbed 114,200,000 Kilojoules and it might have been a far less of an impact than the one that we are going to witness.

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  1. You know, if more people were able to think of others instead of themselves, the world would be a better place. I’m not terribly religious so I will say that I am thinking of you. Take care.

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  2. See now, that’s crazy! Why WOULDN’T they be willing to try that?! If there’s at all a chance of lessening damage to places, then unless it’s going to cause more damage, something should be done! Stay safe! Good luck!


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