Effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health

Everyone knows the effects of Covid-19 on one’s physical health. I have mentioned it time and again and so has everyone else who is working and observing the pandemic closely.

But in my recent observation, I have found that Covid-19 might have more impact on one’s health than we have presumed. It is not just about physical health. Covid-19 seems to have a great deal of impact on one’s mental health.

I observed a few suspected patients very closely. And I can say that Covid-19 sure has an impact on person’s mental health. In some it causes fear; in some undue excitement; in some, a bit of both.

And the bigger problem here is being caused by the system. The way we go about testing patients. If we leave a suspected patient without testing him/her for a long time, that might possibly end up having a great amount of adverse effect on one’s mental health.

There is no way to completely remove the mental health impact, but we can surely work in a way which can assure that even if the patient starts descending towards psychosis, we can bring him/her back rather than just letting them sink into the rabbit hole.

And this is very important. Any effect on physical health is visible and can or cannot be treated accordingly. But mental health is something we ignore most of the times.

This could end up being a much bigger disaster than the one we are already experiencing.

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  1. Completely agreed. We all are, knowingly or unknowingly entering a very new and strange state of mind. Which we can’t even acknowledge. It’s like once it has all ended, ( which I hope we do soon) our minds won’t be able to take in the changes with that much ease. Like our bodies go into laziness, like physically we turn inactive or passive in our course of actions, similarly our mind has also seen various changes all of a sudden. This uncertainty of the duration of this kind of lifestyle, the fear of having to settle with this virus for ages. The trauma of our work and social lives being snatched away just like. All of this at once ! It will surely take a toll. Nice work there writer.

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    • Well, if people are at home and still can’t keep it together, they are idiots.
      I am talking about the suspected patients who go through the turmoil and some, for nothing.
      But even if their results come out to be negative, they will have an impact because of the amount of time they had to soend in the Covid-19 ward thinking, What if…?

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    • Well, everyone can. But the point I have mentioned is, what about the patient who has been suspected and hospitalized but doctors don’t take his/her sample for the test?
      That person really can’t keep his/her mind occupied by trying to pursue some hobby while being surrounded by other suspected patients.

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