Economy vs Existence

If given a choice, what would you choose?

Would you choose money over life or vice versa?

However stupid this question might have seemed in earlier days, it is today’s reality!

Personally, if I had a choice, which I kind of do for now, I would choose to stay alive instead of go out and try to save the economy.

This ain’t some age old survival of the fittest or any such thing. Until we can find a cure, a way to keep Covid-19 at bay, it is and will remain

“Survival of the Laziest”!

There are better ways to boost the economy than to start the air travel, trains, metros, buses, etc. Those aren’t ways of trying to boost the economy. Those are the ways that will assure lesser population.

These people also want to re-open schools and colleges! Why? For what particular purpose? It sure isn’t for educational purpose! There are hardly any students going to schools or colleges with a mindset of wanting to learn something new.

Why are the economists stupid?

I just know a few who weren’t/aren’t stupid like, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Raghuram Rajan, Paul Krugman, Milton Friedman and John Nash (he wasn’t an economist but he gave one such theory that changed the world of economics).

Today, the power to make financial decisions rests in the hands of idiots.

In India it most certainly does.

Anurag Thakur (Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs) said, “Coronavirus won’t have adverse impact on Indian Economy”.

When the price of onions was skyrocketing in the country, Nirmala Sitharaman (Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India) said, “I don’t eat much onion”.

And also that guy whose name shall not be spoken out loud. Because you never know, if I mention it, I might not wake up to a beautiful sunny morning tomorrow.

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  1. I made the sudden and early decision to stop working and start living a few months ago. From Senior Manager in Telecomms, slowly dying to put cents on some Billionaire’s stock portfolio, to Blogger. One thing I realized when I started blogging is that I am being me. I had almost forgotten who that was.

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  2. The most ridiculous question to ask at this time.Most of us want to exist because you have to exist to make money or talk about economy.
    All those doctors and nurses that changed their addresses to heaven are they talking about economy?.
    So many people prefer to live,enjoy life and not just exist. But since conditions have bend crayfish.We can only cling on existence and deal with economy later.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Our resident “genius” in the United States, aka Donald Trump, said out loud that the reason we have over a million cases is because we test so much…without testing we would have far less cases. A little bit of knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing.

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    • Yeah, right! That is what our man is trying to achieve. Lesser the number of tests, lesser the number of cases.
      This is some kind of math both of them developed together.
      Far beyond our reach and understanding.

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  4. Excellent post! Life, hands down. I have heartfelt compassion for the tens of millions who are without a job, and have no money to pay their bills or feed their families. This goes to show how ill-equipped this country is to provide real support to its citizens. In addition, my heart goes out to the businesses, especially small and medium sized, that have been impacted by this pandemic. However, what happens if those customers that businesses rely on are dead, dying or ill from the virus? What about the employees who will die as a result of inadequate safety measures, as well as the customers with whom they come in contact? Our economy, our existence cannot survive without living, breathing human beings who breathe life into it with their hard work and money. So yes, life, no matter how the hell old you are. No one person’s life has less value than another one.

    Also, I might add that certain members of Congress are attempting to take an employee’s, their survivors, right to sue a company that forced them back to work with inadequate protections that lead them to contracting the coronavirus.)

    Thanks for he thought-provoking post.

    May you and your loves remain safe.

    Blessings and 🙏🏽, Lydia

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  5. Impressive Sire.
    I understand this is a stereotype, because not all economists are bearers of the name you called them, I’ll say None of them best that name.
    Well economics is very tactical and really demands the use of the brain in viewing from directions different from yours.
    Take a little study on the basis of economics and you’ll get to understand much better.
    As for our political heads. Most of them got into office by connections and other weird and out-of-constitution means and so, have no knowledge of the political office they’re going to.

    May our God just Help us.


  6. I definitely choose life but not in the way you might think. A life hiding away is not the answer for me but it depends on your situation of cause. Where you live and who you are responsible for. And it depends how long we have to hide away for as well because the longer that the lockdown lasts, the greater the consequences to our lives going into the future. I wouldn’t like to see my children suffer from poverty because of an extended lockdown. Also the consequences of mental health are an issue. Suicide rates are going up and domestic violence also. At least it is in my country. It is said that more people will die due to the consequences of job losses and poverty than the virus will claim.


  7. Lockdown being enforced in country is lax. Number is increasing alarmingly despite lockdown. And that lax lockdown is also getting relaxed.


  8. The incompetent are making decisions for a majority of the population whereas the subject matter experts are sitting outside writing opeds and editorials!Thats the irony of our times.


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