Is Time Travel Possible?

Well, most certainly yes! Time Travel is possible. There is no way for you to navigate through time right now but someday, 50 or 100 or maybe 200 years down the line, Time Travel will be as normal and common as Air Travel is today.

There was a time when Air Travel was a fascination. An unrealistic imagination of someone with a mind that could see beyond time. But today, it is one of the fastest and most used forms of travel.

Time Travel is possible in many different ways. There is a possibility that we might find wormholes, warp drives, tachyons, higher dimensions, etc.
Time Travel is every Physicist’s dream. Something that fascinates us.

As hypothetical as the tachyons and as imaginative as multiple Universes, it still is more realistic than God!

Time Travel is possible at the moment too, Just not in the way we want. Right now, you can surely travel forward in time. But the problem is, you can’t come back.

If you are close to a very massive object, time for you, will flow slower than for someone else far away.

The same effect will happen for someone moving at speeds close to light.
If you left Earth on a spaceship and went on a round trip to the nearest star at close to the speed of light, it would take you just 10 years, while for everyone on Earth, a 100 years would have passed.

So, if you want, you can travel forward in time.

But we don’t want that. We don’t want to just travel through time. We want to navigate across time. Enter a specific time, exit at a specific moment! That is what we want.

That will be possible someday. Someday!

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  1. If I got you right!
    You said it’s more realistic than God. 😄😄😄
    I imagine God sitting down, laughing sarcastically at you.
    Maybe it’s because you’ve not had a personal encounter with Him and a personal knowledge of Him that’s why you’ll compare what seems realistic to the being that is REAL and ALIVE.
    Well you’ve also got to know that surely a time will come when all these will pass away.
    Sounds weird right?
    But that’s the happy truth.
    I look forward to when Time Travel will be possible. I hope it’s able to take one to the past too.


  2. You totally caught my attention with this article – love this… totally love time travel… probably the most favorite thing that grabs me!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

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  3. I am fascinated with the subject of time travel, although it is disappointing that it is possible in 50 to 100 years from now beyond my lifetime. You say we can’t go back just forward, but if I had a choice, I would love to visit the past to meet those that are no longer. Thank you for your insight on the subject.

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      • Well this is the most agreed upon, value… Considering on assumptions that that photons has no mass and there is vaccum to prove it.. But discoveries like God or boson particles suggest that where there is force or gravity there are boson particles n there is no vaccum… So practically we don’t have vaccum to measure light.. I may be wrong.. But there assumptions related to speed of light


      • About your Higgs boson confusion – Assuming it was a proton, it traveled at 99.99999999999999999999951% of the speed of light.
        Its Lorentz factor was 3.2*10 to the power of 11 and its rapidity was 27.1
        But it was still 40 million times lower on planck energy.
        A proton with that much energy would travel 1.665*10 to the power of 15 times closer to speed of light than Higgs-boson particle. And moreover, when we say vaccum, we don’t mean absence of everything.
        There is a difference between vaccum and nothingness.


      • I wrote a thesis concerning Higgs Boson and got my PhD. So, isn’t that enough? Do I have to read an article on live science?


  4. I hope so but I also hope that humans will be more mature in becoming students of rational and critical thought instead of relying on emotion-based decision-making. I would hate for somebody to go back in time and fix something that they deem that needed to be fixed by messing up the timeline. I guess that will a theory of a fix time event, of, if that’s even possible.


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