Go Vocal For Local

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the Nation yesterday, gave this motto;

“Go Vocal For Local”

This is a great initiative. He asked everyone to support local brands by using and promoting local products and help them establish in the global market.

But the only problem was, he didn’t really mention which products are we supposed to consider as ‘Local’.

I mean, if we are supposed to go completely local, this might well be my last post on wordpress. And there will be no cars in India, except Tata and Mahindra (some without engines), and there will be no Indians on Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, etc.

Oh! But wait a second. Didn’t Facebook just invest $5.7 billion in “JIO”?

So much for going Local!

Also, it was announced today that global participation will be disallowed in government procurement tenders up to Rs 200 Cr. But beyond 200 cr, global participation is entirely welcome.

So, they don’t really trust local companies with projects worth more than that. Okay!

I just want to know what exactly I have to go vocal for? I mean, what are we supposed to define “Local” as? What comes in the category of Local?

You need to be a bit more specific!

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  1. Once upon a time India was ‘sone ki chiriya’ . Come on let’s face the reality…20 lakh crores! Wow! How much in my account? Just an eye wash… people suffering people dying and the people, by the people just improving their oratory skills

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  2. Well !!!, everyone is asking the same question !! according to my common sense that any product which is made in India is local, be it toothpaste / car / mobile and more such product. No country can entirely be self-reliant in the world of Global Economy… We should be self reliant nation for all essential commodities.

    Look what china has done… today most of brands used in USA or anywhere in world, are labelled as MADE IN CHINA…. That should be the Idea of being VOCAL for LOCAL.


      • True – but when can we achieve that ? Unless we have our own branded Search Engine, Messaging App and Social Networking Sites…. We will never be able to have such restrictions !! We all work for these companies and make them bigger..
        Hence the idea is to have our Own Indian Products / Services & Technologies which are better and cheaper so world is forced to use it.
        Its like ISRO using technology to launch satellites of other countries.


      • We can have all of that in a month.
        We can code all of that sooner than ever before.
        But the question is, will the government support us?


  3. This is where our leaders make some kind I mistakes they’ve thought to be right.
    They give instructions and expect us to carry out, while we sit at home and ask ourselves how the government expect us to carry out the instructions.
    It’s really lovely seeing and knowing one who understands and has a deeper knowledge in this things.
    But this particular one is true.
    We should speak out for the things that are locally made in our federations.
    It doesn’t actually mean we should throw other things away.
    They are present means of survival and till the local ones attain great heights, we can’t stop using them.
    But the ultimate leader and giver of instruction is (contact me for name) that gives an instruction that doesn’t have negative side.
    We should all bow under that leader.
    God bless you.


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