Trump vs Modi – The Battle of Imbeciles

The world is going through the toughest of times. We are all fighting something so abnormal, so complex, that everyone is afraid to their stomach.

But while all the doctors and scientists are trying to find some pattern and solution, and while the entire population is scared to death, the leaders of two of the greatest and biggest countries, India and USA, are on a trip of their own. They have no regard for facts! None!

Trump and his people are adamant on the fiction that China made the virus. And today, they took a giant leap and blamed China for hacking into US’ computers and stealing the research done by US scientists so that China can develop the vaccine before US.

China stole the research for the vaccine from the US. The research concerning the vaccine for the treatment of those who are infected by Covid-19, the virus that same US believes was developed by China. Right! Makes a lot of sense.

The other one, leader of the largest democracy in the world, hasn’t really heard or read any news. He is still taking pride in the fact that India is the Pharmacy of the World.

He is still living in this fairyland of his, with Dr. Harsh Vardhan, where Hydroxychoroquine is the wonder drug and the number of cases in India are decreasing, and there is no community transmission in India at all.

(In last 12 days, India has recorded almost 40,000 cases).

He addressed the nation today. Again. And that was mainly to announce the economic package of 266 billion dollars (20 lakh Crore) for the country with a population of 1.3 billion. This will cover everything from land, labour, MSMEs, liquidity and law.

Train services are being resumed. People who show no symptoms don’t need to be quarantined. And government has laid the guidelines, according to which asymptomatic patients should be sent home and no tests shall be conducted.

The government should resume all the operations as well. Re-open the schools, colleges… everything. Why Wait?

Because, you see, according to the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, Covid-19 situation is somewhat similar to the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake. It is. Isn’t it?

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  1. I like your post. Ironically my post tomorrow is about critical thinking skills and the lack of them in some Christians. Of course I briefly mentioned Trump, who is not a Christian and anyone who thinks he is, is deluded. Your post left me thinking about being more direct in my approach in my blog. Thank you. It needed to be said. Perhaps I will be more blunt the day after tomorrow. LOL.

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  2. Dr. Fauci, the expert epidemiologist started receiving death threats right after Trump re-tweeted a post that said Dr. Fauci should be fired. Some of his followers are rabid imbeciles, or as Hillary Clinton would say, “deplorables.” LOL. My blog is somewhat anonymous but I may go in and take out the name of the city where I live and just leave the state to be sure.

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      • Yes. I noticed how you fish for threats every day… controversy will guarantee more visits to your blog for sure. LOL. And, isn’t it sad that science is being denigrated and reduced to a Democrat conspiracy (here in the USA). You have courage and I will certainly be more courageous after reading your blog.

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      • It’s not courage. I state facts. If I am wrong, I am wrong.
        I research everyday, find new facts, devise theories, write them down.
        It keeps me occupied.

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      • And yes, it is pathetic that science is being treated like literature.
        People believe everything the likes of Trump and Modi say about something related to science than they believe what an actual scientist is saying.
        It’s terrible.

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    • That all sounds very wise to me. I’m careful to be at least somewhat-anonymous too. In all seriousness, I am curious about this blog post. I tried to click on your name to find it, but I couldn’t. I have no words for how much this situation frustrates me as an American honestly terrified he might get re-elected, not to mention the harm on the way to 2021 either way. I have been trying to find some semi-rational (I’ll settle even for semi) thoughts on the subject.

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      • I feel the same way about Trump. In the beginning I thought he couldn’t sink any lower… but, over time he has outdone himself over and over in evil and narcissism. I enjoyed your blog.

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  3. I’ve seen some very unpleasant videos about President Trump’s attitude but I can’t really complain…where do I even start from with my own country Nigeria?😭😭😭

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    • I am going to research your country. I am somewhat ignorant about geography and want to see if maybe my country isn’t so bad even though the man living in the White House in America is a misogynistic, racist moron.


  4. Hi! Are you familiar with the situation in the Philippines? You’d be surprised at how bad our testing is. We have tested just 0.1% of the population yet many areas will be under a more relaxed quarantine starting May 15. 😟 I share your sentiment toward your government. Our president delivers addresses very late at night and they’re usually full of threats against critics instead of plans for action.

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    • I am going to research your country also… It seems like it’s a situation where people with low IQ’s and without leadership skills more often than not turn into dangerous idiots when given power.

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  5. “China stole the research for the vaccine from the US. The research concerning the vaccine for the treatment of those who are infected by Covid-19, the virus that same US believes was developed by China. Right! Makes a lot of sense.”

    This was the kicker for me! Haha

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  6. I’m curious 🙂. If you believe that it is “fiction” concerning the CCP creating Covid-19 then, what is your theory of where Covid-19 originating?


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