Pope, Lord and The Epidemic

Pope Francis told Italian Newspaper on March 18, “I asked the Lord to stop the Epidemic”.

How did that turn out for you Pope?

I believe his prayers went really well. Lord did stop the epidemic.

But seems like either the Pope didn’t ask nicely, or maybe his choice of words was wrong, or maybe Lord wasn’t listening.

Right after the Pope asked the Lord to stop the epidemic, Lord changed it into a pandemic. Insane! Right?

I am just blown by the fact how fast Lord responded to Pope’s request. Enthralling!

I just wish Pope made a better request. Like, maybe, stop the epidemic and don’t turn it into a pandemic or mass killing, or something like that.

Lord answered his prayers. He just didn’t know how to pray in the right way.

That’s sad.

A Pope not knowing the only thing that he is supposed to know. He had one bloody job, and he couldn’t do that too.

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  1. Actually he did it the right way. Prayer was answered therefor Pope and God are still connected. God is not infected with COVID and is fully functional. And He understood.They just seem to like the same type of horror stories. Catholics be at ease. This is all just a story. Well written by Pope and God. Both devoted Stephen King fans. Great post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. God didn’t create the epidemic / pandemic. We did it. He is surely not going to fix however we pray. He will however give us way to fix it / cope with it. It’s upto us to figure it out. (Psst. That’s why he annoys me a lot. Never a straight answer)

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  3. Maybe he thinks he is still connected to God. Derek Prince taught many years ago that one cannot pray against prophesy. One needs the Rabbis now. Not the antisemites. Do repentence. thats the only cure. She says lying alone sickish on a couch in Africa wondering if she will see Christmas. God bless you.


  4. Couldn’t stop smiling throughout.
    But I have no knowledge to criticise or comment on Pope.
    All I know is sincere prayers works when it’s selfless.
    I also know no soul can escape from law of Karma.
    Thank you.

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  5. Hey there, I wanna try something with you.
    You have a strong stance against religion while I have a strong stance for it, so I figured “What if we compared each others world-views?” It’d be good for us and our views to compare and contrast the worldviews of a Atheist (I don’t know the correct term) and a Christian.
    Basically, we’d answer some questions about our worldviews (View of human nature, View of the good life, Equality with others, etc…) and put them side by side. No arguing or fighting, because we honestly have enough of that.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!-
    Thomas S (LifeAfter7Teen)
    P.S. Why did you like my post about Thoughts on Beauty? I’m really curious.


  6. For the most part, I’m thinking that we pull together a list of questions that we both answer and put them side by side for the world to see. That’s it. I’d post it on my blog, you on yours.


  7. Well that’s kind of harsh. Just because God doesn’t say yes that doesn’t make it wrong to ask. Imagine if scientists never worked on vaccines because the first one doesn’t work. I like this pope a lot and not just because I’m Roman Catholic. Is he perfect? No. But he would be morally better than to make fun of someone doing the best he or she can. You could maybe learn from that. Because this post was really mean and uncalled for. From other stuff I’ve read from you it seems to me that you are better than that.
    Said with love


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