The Weakest Fundamental Force

Of all the four fundamental forces; Gravity is considered to be the weakest.

Following is the arrangement of the four forces from the strongest to weakest;

  1. Strong Nuclear Force
  2. The Electromagnetic Force
  3. Weak Nuclear Force
  4. Gravity

But why?

Gravity holds all the planets, stars, solar systems and even the galaxies together. Gravity holds us! It is because of gravity that we are not flying through space.

When Gravity holds it all together, makes the entire Universe function, then why isn’t it the strongest fundamental force?

Gravity is so weak at the atomic scale that scientists can typically ignore it without incurring significant errors in their calculations.

However, on astronomical scales, gravity does dominate over the other forces. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Gravity has a long range, and

2. There is no such thing as negative mass.

Gravity is a force that is spread across the Universe. A force that most probably oozes into the higher dimensions. Dimensions which are currently beyond our reach.

Gravity is 10 to the power of 40 times smaller than Electromagnetic Force.

And the reason behind it, according to all the people like me; people who are crazy about String Theory is; unlike the other forces, it leaks in and out of the extra dimensions. We only get to experience a dribble of the true strength of gravity.

The only place where gravity seems to hold its complete strength is inside the Black holes. The only place where Einstein’s General Relativity breaks down. All the known laws of Physics break down at the center of Black Hole, above the speed of light and below Planck’s Length.

And that is why we need The Theory of Everything. To be able to educate ourselves and learn everything there is to learn about the Black Holes, the Universe, the higher dimensions and everything else.

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  1. your posts are really exciting. Huh that is so weird but makes some sense – so when you hold two magnets or have two opposite charges, they want to go to eachother before going inward to earth.. but why is it that there exists more of gravity than any other force? (just a thought to ponder) I can see that if the sun was a positive charge and the planets were a negative charge – the planets would just want to go straight to the sun and smush up with them, and then you would have no planets and just a smushed up ball of matter…. unless that actually already happened… and the reason that the planets that are still in orbit and haven’t gone and smushed up into anything is that they don’t have the positive/negative charge pull.. maybe they have the positive positive charge… so it is why they are so close or so far away from the sun.. (this is all just thoughts bouncing in my head..) the more similar the charge is, the further away the planet wants to be… i really haven’t payed super close attention to science stuff so I could be way off… like the reason everything went in to the black hole is actually magnetism….. okay well when you think about it.. what’s the real difference between magnetism and gravity? Aren’t they kinda the same thing? they are both attractive forces but depend on the strength- when you have two magnets, they will only go to eachother when they get close enough and within the field.. just like when you are outside of earth in space, you don’t go to the center of earth until you get within a certain range of Earth’s atmoshphere, and then you are all of a sudden magnetized in a sucked towards the center. what is it that makes magnetism so much more powerful than gravity?

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    • Gravity is not more or less than any other force.
      All forces are sibstantially equal on higher levels.
      On Earth, Gravity is 10 to the power of 40 times less than Electromagnetism.
      Because electeomagnetism doesn’t leak into other dimensions like gravity.
      And no. Gravity and Electromagnetism aren’t same.
      Gravity holds everything together. It is the force of pull.
      Electromagnetism generates electricity.(Maxwell’s equations)
      Elctromagnetism isn’t more powerful than gravity.
      Gravity, in it’s pure form shoudl be the most powerful force.
      Like, at the center of black holes.

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