The Beauty of Physics

In the past 22 years, there has never been a day when Physics has failed to fascinate me. Irrespective of what happens in the field of Physics on a daily basis, one theory continues to enthrall us every single day and haunt us every single night.

The Theory of Everything!

In all these years of quest, the closest we have come to the Theory of Everything is through “The String Theory”.

String Theory is the only theory right now which gives us the hope of unifying all the fundamental forces into one and creating one Super Force that existed before the Big Bang.

Right now, we can only theorize and explain the history of Universe until the Big bang. But if we can solve the Theory of Everything and combine all the fundamental forces into one, we’ll be able to know what happened and what was before the Big Bang!

We will also be able to unravel the concept of higher dimensions. A world beyond 3 dimensional space and time. A world where 11 or even 12 dimensions exist. Wormholes, Warp drives, Alternate Universes, and so much more.

It is just one theory. It is all about bringing the Classical Physics together with the Modern Physics and combining them to form something so satisfying and beautiful and breath-taking!

All the forces when combined do not abide by the laws in our 3 dimensional space and time. But when we combine them in higher dimensions, they all fit so perfectly!

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  1. Oddly, I was just finishing up a poem entitled Entropy. I do enjoy reading your posts – while my own blog is dedicated to my poor poetry I am deeply interested in science and your approach is both accessible and well written

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  2. Besides Feynman, the the biggest things that got me more and more interested in physics was Doctor Who. His awe of all existence was inspiring, and caused many more than just myself to wonder. Fiction as it was, if it does that for you, it’s good.
    Too bad it moved to a more Americanized version the the latest. Oh well.

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    • Sir Feynman will remain the best professor till the end of time.
      I still read every paper he wrote, every book, every journal.
      The world of Physics will always owe him.

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  3. Intellect can never perceive what stand beyond it because it is limited to its immediate surroundings. What you call higher dimensions are the Astral world and more and this physical universe is just the bottom floor of those dimensions. Physics is brain work, scratching the surface of the universe and rediscovering timeless facts for the furtherance of humanity. If anyone seek to know what happened before the big bang, then such an individual must use his or her Astral body and not just the limited physical body and brain. Albeit Einstein attained initiation on the mental plane before he could understand the theory of relativity, and he summed it up saying; “you cannot solve a problem on the same level of that problem” .

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    • Firstly, it’s Albert!
      Secondly, you just can’t go on naming anyghing God, Astral or some other such shit just because we haven’t been able to prove it in a mathematical form.


  4. I tried A level physics years ago but failed miserably, that be said it still does fascinate me, particularly the notion of energy. I look forward to reading your posts, maybe this time around I might learn something!

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