There Is ‘NO’ Vaccine Yet

Covid-19 has brought the nations down. Every damn brilliant brain is working on trying to find a solution to contain it. Beating it is too far a concept at the moment. Right now, all we want is to trace its footsteps and try to determine how it will move forward.

It is comprised of such a complex combination of genomes with so many variations and mutations, we have no idea what it is. And while each one of us is trying to study it, there are some countries who, out of no where, have developed, tested, conducted trials and also started mass production of vaccines to cure Covid-19.

While you read all that stuff on the internet and everything about a potential vaccine, remember this; THERE IS NO VACCINE! There will be no vaccine for over 2 years, give or take. There is no way to develop a vaccine that canbe used to treat every Covid-19 patient all across the globe.

There might be a vaccine developed. In fact, tens or hundreds of them. But because of the gentic level mutations and the fact the Covid-19 affects every person differently, one particular vaccine won’t treat everyone. For that to be done, we’ll have to still research a lot more. Even then, there is a chance that there would never be a potential vaccine that is capable of treating everyone.

Given the fact how Covid-19 has been reported to be cured using various drugs, we might have to create a complex combination of drugs and then test it for months to be sure that there are no adverse affects.

So far, Covid-19 has proven to be very adaptable. Adapting to a particular person’s body and immune system and attacking every individual in a unique way. That is not something we have seen.

And while I say that, I don’t want you to cook up a conspiracy like the Aliens might have done it NO! I am pretty sure they didn’t. If they wanted to wipe the human race, they certainly would have done it in a more efficient way.
Regardless, this unseen and unreal adapting nature of Covid-19 is an actual matter of concern. It most certainly seems like that we will never be able to make a vaccine that can cure it on global level.

We will have to study and research Covid-19 strands separately in every region. That is the only way to find out what kind of variations and mutations we are looking at and how they differ from region to region.

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  1. Great post I’ve been reading what I can about Covid19 and coronavirus including the emergence of Kawasaki like disease. I’m also painfully aware of coexisting public health issues prevalent in disadvantages sections of society.

    From this laypersons point of view it seems coronavirus is an allergic reaction to something. How can a vaccine prevent an allergic reaction?

    I’d be interested in your view.




    • Firstly, it is not an allergic reaction.
      It is the ability of Covid-19 to mutate at genetic levels.

      And even if it were, allergies can be cured by medicines like citrazene, diphenhydramine, azithromycin and other antihistamines.

      Allergies are rather easy to avoid by figuring out what is causing that particular allergy.

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      • Forgive my layman’s language but autoimmune diseases are the body becoming allergic to itself. Yesterday I read that a cluster of Kawasaki like disease cases had occurred in South East London amongst some children.

        As Covid19 appears to be mutating at genetic levels it seems that either the virus is a tardigrade like fragment of DNA OR there is actually a sudden emergence of new viruses with simular symptoms that are being lumped together as Covid19. Whichever way at least one of the Covid19 viruses started in UK (could give exact location but won’t) and the positive effects on wider public health issues relating to illicit drug use has been incredibly positive. In street terms there’s a bit of a drought/shortage of illicit drugs, at the moment.

        I’m hoping that the search for Covid19 cure doesn’t turn into the search for the Mental illness gene. Thrones been going for 50years and they still haven’t found it for the same reason police can’t find out what sort if criminal activity I’m undertaking because there is no criminal activity I’m undertaking.

        The Liverpool Care Pathway and it’s post 2014 rebranded form hold a lot more answers to the Covid19 problem than good doctors like yourself are prepared to consider. Conformational bias.


      • If it were a common, general autoimmune disease, it could have been possibly cured with any number of medicines including Hydroxychoroquine.
        But in the past, we have encountered certain bacterias, viruses, fungi and parasites that proved to have developed immunity to certain medicines, for example, interferon.
        But even if it were an autoimmune disease, it would have progressed and made a person’s body useless. But then, also would have been cured with Bone marrow transplant.
        We can try that, but we don’t have any solid evidence to prove it.

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      • I’ve seen people on Interferon they completely lost the plot and became very violent and dangerous.

        It’s likely the reductionalist approach to life and medicine will and is hindering finding a solution. Thoughts create actions, thoughts also create neurotransmitters which in turn effect the physiology of the individual. The chemical imbalance view of mental illness is based on the false assumption that the chemicals create the thoughts which isn’t 100% wrong as a closed feedback loop is the main cause of mental illnesses.

        As for Covid19 it’s worth looking at the physiological effects of advanced Scientology for a greater insight. Scientology is an alternative form of mental health care developed at roughly the same time as Tavistock Institute started.

        A virus is just a fragment of DNA just a bit of an idea that wants to live. The answer isn’t chemicals. The answer lies in the use if the Alba Care Pathway which I have developed and am currently creating an evidence base for and resolving small issues in.

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  2. Covid-19 led me to dust off my old college books and notebooks on genetics and google transcription and properties of messenger RNA.
    “Transcription is the first of several steps of DNA based gene expression in which a particular segment of DNA is copied into RNA (especially mRNA) by the enzyme RNA polymerase. Both DNA and RNA are nucleic acids, which use base pairs of nucleotides as a complementary language. During transcription, a DNA sequence is read by an RNA polymerase, which produces a complementary, antiparallel RNA strand called a primary transcript”.
    I look at this virus and can’t help but feel in my gut there is some man-made manipulation designer gene stuff going on. And the fact the latest vaccine by big Pharma was contrived by mRNA manipulation suggesting to me man made virus being treated by DNA/RNA gene manipulation. No expert by any stretch of the imagination but I think this is more of what I see as man trying to crack the “God code”.
    I have no problem with man learning but when he tries to replace the higher power that created everything…he isn’t evolved intellectually, spiritually, or morally to even enter that arena.

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      • Big Pharma will try to capitalize $$$$$ on the fear factor. I don’t believe whatever snake oil product they put out will work … there is no fast tracking this.
        I took care of AIDS patients in the mid and late 1980s. It was a death sentence back then. Today they use multidrug approach and those infected now have long term survival but it took years to get here. I suspect the same for this virus. I find your statement that worldwide this is being investigated by the brightest … reassuring!


      • Well, I have a published a paper too explaining how it might be varying from region to region and will need multiple vaccines depending on the region it is being treated in.

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      • I would like to read your paper. I am interested. I have a friend from high school that earned a phd in protein biology and took me a few months to decipher his numerous papers and research and understand their codes, scientific language, stats…as best I could.


      • I submitted one earlier, a part of which I posted here under the title Origin and Spread of Covid-19.
        I have just submitted another one.
        Will update you as soon as it is accepted.


      • And about the brightest brains. The problem is, all the brightest brains have to work on their own.
        Because they don’t get any support from any agency or government.

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  3. I wonder if this time next year we will even remember this virus. It seems more likely there will be five more distracting us and evoking our insecurities manifested as a need to control. Scientist have been predicting this pandemic, and were not off by far. What’s far worse is their predictions behind us. Buckle up. An evolutionary ephoch is under way


    • Well, some people will surely remember this for a long time.
      Just like we remember the Spanish flu, or the yellow fever or any other pandemic.


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