Conspiracy Theories

Being a mathematician and a theoretical physicist, I tend to believe in facts. But a very wise man once said, ‘You cannot prove or find something that you cannot imagine’.

In the scientific world, we make theories, devise formulas, imagine realities, and then work in order to prove them. But as much as we like to prove facts, we also like cooking up conspiracy theories.

Books of history are filled with many such conspiracy theories, made up by people with a faster and wider thinking process. But the secret is, we don’t really believe all of those. We conspire, we analyze certain facts, we build stories at times, and then go crazy over those to prove them right somehow.

The reality you know to be today, was once someone’s imagination!

But what we strictly abstain from doing is; we never cook up some stupid conspiracy theories in extremely risky times like, say, a pandemic, and tell people stories about how some secret dark organization might be the reason behind it and that it is nothing but just a sham. No! We don’t do that.

Throwing out conspiracy theories which might hinder the process of finding out a solution for something that puts the entire human civilization at risk, I believe that is ‘bat poop crazy’.

Conspiracy theories are good. Conspiracy theories like, Area-51 has Aliens; or Denver International Airport stands above an underground city; or the existnce of Illuminati; those kind of conspiracy theories ae fun.

But telling people that Covid-19 was built by China because they had some kind of undue inspiration, or China and US together, or some other organization, or that it could be killed by injecting UV rays into the bloodstream; that’s not cool.

All that does, is spread hatred for a country that probably has no idea about what the hell is going on and puts millions of lives at risk.

I would choose to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories as long as they don’t affect the existence of mankind.

Every theory we make is somewhat of a conspiracy theory at first. But then, those theories don’t really tend to kill people!

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been rather upset recently about people who, in my mind, are making a stressful situation worse by muddying the waters. Personally I want just the facts please. No more rhetoric. No more conjecture. It’s a virus. It happenned. No one was prepared. Everyone is suffering (well globally, not necessarily individually) and we all will remember this forever. The rest of the panicked stories serve little purpose except for getting some people to think for themselves. In the US the conspiracy theories are the opposite side of the same coin called Trump. Listen to whomever you choose… But think for yourself.
    It’s wild what people think is going on. Ok. Fine. But tell my eight year old about idiotic things and I’m going to be a lot upset.
    It’s basically the same for some very scared people who feel out of control.
    No easy answers but I’m with you. Irresponsible to put that garbage out there. We want the media to tell the truth… Is a conspiracy theory really truth?
    I think I’m going to go fix dinner ♥️

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    • That’s the whole point. Conspiracy theories are only good if they are about Aliens or something exciting.
      They certainly aren’t good when millions or even billions of lives are at stake.

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      • At age 81, when I am ordered not to go out into the light of day and collect healing vitamin D sunshine, that is not a conspiracy theory.

        When only one person in a household of two seniors age 81 & 67 can not go to the fresh produce market on a bright sunny day, that is not a conspiracy theory.

        When my wife 67 needs a med from the pharmacy today, but must wait for the day designated for the 37 year old daughter to go out of doors, that is not a conspiracy theory.

        When I must constantly first go, (when I not suppose to be out in the first place), to the local government office for a pass to get money from the ATM to give to my age 37 daughter to shop on her designated day or days, that’s not a conspiracy theory.

        When I must pay P800.00 to hire a driver under 65 to go to my POB 15 miles away, to see if my replacement debit card is in my accessible POB, that’s not conspiracy theory.

        When I age 81, never had surgery of any nature, have no typical ageing diseases, no fever, no typical body aches and pains, the healthiest one in a household of 3 adults, just again go to the local government office for a pass to collect West Union sent by USA family members, that’s not conspiracy theory.

        What is conspiracy theory are those in power who make rules that defy the laws of nature and well being of seniors who are healthier than their junior age group. Herd immunity is not being served, only delayed, and will bite us in the ____ down the road, and then there will be a big hypocritical cry of we told you so. Conspiracy starts from proven evil doers. CIA has interpret the meaning of conspiracy ever since the assassination of JFK, MLK, 911. I’m 81, not asleep. Not an angel by a log shot – but, not a lover of evil in any disguise either.

        Thanks to those who read my blog. We need more news about nourishing our immune system as I go and slice a small sliver of garlic and put it under my tongue right now……. 😉

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    • To answer your why, I expect people to not believe in conspiracy theories for their own good.
      And for the how part, I just assumed that people might have better functioning brains than Donald Trump, his administration, or for that matter, any other government trying to cover their failures.

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      • All I know is China asked US for data on patient 1. Dunno if that exchange has happened yet. And patient 1 seems to be a moving target based on public domain info.


      • It’s more like the patient zero.
        And seeing the spresding patterns, and the inetensity of virus, I’d go out on a limb here and say that it is quite possible that we might have multiple patient 0s!


      • Once upon a time, there lived a powerful king.Everyone initially trusted him because he was huge and mighty, also from affluent background.
        So one night the king came out of his palace and shouted Wolf,Wolf.Everyone rush out ,some people came with their guns drawn to eliminate the wolf. But their was no wolf.So everyone went back to their different homes.
        A month later the king came out again and shouted wolf.Everyone came out again with their guns,all sorts of weapons to kill the wolf or wolves. But there was no wolf.
        Then on the third time. This time there was wolf. The king screamed on top of his lungs Wolf,wolf.
        There was no response. Nobody came out.Everyone ignored the king.
        And the wolf came ,killed the king and devoured him.
        The people came and saw the king dead the next morning.
        Honesty is the best policy.


  2. This is a difficult time for all of us globally.We are in Public health crisis. Nobody is immune.We are all in pain,sick, lost of lives, untimely deaths and lack of resources.
    Any country that is responsible for this havoc,should be encourage to come clean and help with recovery.We must not hide the truth.We should not relegate the accusation of China to the background based on abnormal behavior of our leaders. First of all let us find a permanent cure of COVID19 and eradicate it permanently.
    Wash your hands with soap and water frequently for 30seconds,use hand sanitizer. Sneeze into your elbow.
    Don’t touch your face. Social distancing, 6feet apart.
    If you are sick stay home.
    Disinfect frequently used or touch surfaces such as door knobs.
    If that trip is not important stay home.
    If someone in your family test positive for Coronavirus, quarantine everyone.
    Then study China.What do China want?.
    What are their motives ?.Acquisition of resources, Control,Power,colonization of African Continent and the rest of the world.Why colonize Africa that they hate so much?.If it was not cooked in their lab .Where did it originated from?.
    Do not dismiss this conspiracy theory.
    Any conspiracy theory should be investigated based on facts and figures. And not based on biased, lies or blasphemy.But on concrete evidence.The masses are suffering.

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  3. The term “conspiracy theory” is a common and cheap way of excluding valid topics from public discourse. The CIA, for example, uses their media outreach machinery to label things as “conspiracy theory” which are true and valid and important. It is sadly unscientific that scientists cling so desperately to only those stories that are popular and proven (as if).
    Facts: The Wuhan virus lab had strong connections over decades with virus research labs in the USA, particularly with Dr Ralph Baric at U of North Carolina. He spent time and got $$$ from China for collaboration with Wuhan. And Wuhan personnel worked at UNC and collaborated in publications by Baric on coronavirus modifications yielding gain of function, as funded by the CIA.
    Such facts are swept under a heavy rug by abuse of the term “conspiracy theory”.

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      • For a fact? Insisting that statements be fact in order to be useful is hardly scientific. A good theory (probably true) is constructed from a stable and explanatory set of valid observations.

        The reality I think is dismissed too easily by the under-the-rug term “conspiracy thedry” is that the covid version of coronavirus is a DNA-spliced variation of a natural virus developed by the CIA at the University of North Carolina where several Chinese virologists were resident researchers. They took the US-created Covid variation to Wuhan, where is was likely let loose by slack protocols.
        Is that crazy? Or reasonable? Anyone who knows anything about the Pentagon and the CIA will acknowledge that it is reasonable.


      • With an IQ like mine, I’d say I do know about the CIA, NSA and the pentagon.
        Regardless, I still can’t digest the ‘fact’ that any man can develop something as complex as Covid-19.


      • An ancillary set of facts about the Covid phenomenon that is clarified by my theory (not a dismissable one) concern the mideast. Why – if the Covid virus was a natural thing from China – was Iran one of the earliest and most aggressively attacked locations?

        To answer that question, you have to know something about how Israel and the Mossad have long collaborated with USA’s bioweapons development, and have actually employed coronavirus in the past to assassinate many perceived as enemies of Zionism. Note, as a contributory fact, that Israel has announced very early that they will have a Covid vaccine. Why? Because they were in on the development of the virus that caused the pandemic, and used it to attack Iran.

        The Iran case is a fact-set that is unexplainable by the standard, public, whitewashing explanation.

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      • Can’t develop Covid-19? Really. Look at the DNA-manipulating research of Dr Ralph Baric at UNC. He has been doing this stuff for 20 years. With CIA money and with Chinese collaboration.

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      • In science, the best theory is one that accounts for the widest range of facts the most economically. One of the ways science is strangled is when those in power (in the status quo) refuse to allow explanations by saying over and over, “That is not a fact”.

        In that restrictive way, handwashing by surgeons was said to not be a factor, and the addictive nature of nicotine was said not to be a factor in cancer, and the effects of pesticides was said not to be a factor in bee death, and carbon emissions is now being said to be not a factor in climate change.

        There are many pseudo-scientists now trying to restrict the range of facts that need to be explained in the Covid-19 pandemic. The more the range of facts is restricted, the more those in power have tight control over the scientific and public discourse.


      • Well, you seem to know a whole lot of things.
        Scrape the internet for more.
        I’ll keep providing you data here on a daily basis.
        Factor all of it in and assemble a theory.


  4. I lived 11 years in Chapel Hill, NC. Married a graduate student, worked 2 years at UNC Chapel Hill. Made intimate social friends with several professor. An outstanding professor doing blood research told me then (and others); when giant corporations and governments become dominant in funding research with huge donations, you will get results favoring the investors. They don’t fund for negative outcomes in mind. Coronavirus research was moved from UNC Chapel Hill to China. Along with the lettered ABC health agencies, tax payers money, the outstanding CIA funds supported the American owned China lab research. So, the USA is not out of the germ warfare business, just moved abroad to host foreign countries, and this truth is conveniently kept away from common USA citizens. If you have CIA funds, are they not the masters of conspiracy and name callers towards the inquisitive?


  5. Honestly, it is true , we must never believe in Amy conspiracies, but then friend can you just conclude your post then.
    We all are suffering, someone is to blame for that, or someone must come up and take the blame after all.

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      • Let’s replace the word blame to responsibilities, who is responsible to make that virus which like million other virus was living happily among animals, made him jump from an animal to humans??


      • For one, no one made it.
        No one can make something as complex as this.
        If anyone could, we would have solved a million other problems like the String Theory and Navier-stokes equation too.


      • I am not saying that someone has made it, but we must agree that some of habits of us (human being), most of our lives adverse decisions, some of our grave habits on this planet have made this transfusion of this deadly virus from animal to us.


      • Well, that happened centuries ago.
        We first identified it almost 139 years ago.
        And thousands of years ago people most certainly died from Meliola Anfracta, pithovirus, etc.
        So it’s not like we started it yesterday.
        And your concept of ‘Animal to us’ is completely idiotic.
        From what we have learned, Humans are animals. They belong to Hominidae family.


  6. I’ve nothing against conspiracy theories per say but I rarely give them any credence.

    I think it’s fairly easy to disprove a conspiracy theory by simply ask why? Often there is no clear reasoning behind why anyone would do the thing in the conspiracy.

    Why would some money grabbing Organization want to crash the global economy? Doesn’t make sense!


  7. I recently saw a news report about the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center doing studies on CoVid-19. There is no doubt in my mind that a virus with this thing’s reach has peaked the interest with the military. Of course this also places the virus in the highest TOP SECRET categories.
    We will never know … that is how the military works.


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