Rate of Doubling of Covid-19 Cases

As the cases continue to increase all across the globe, some countries have chosen to shut their eyes towards the visible and potential threat.

The problem with most countries is their mathematical skills. Seems like, 90% of the major nations have people with a ferret’s thinking abilities, sitting at high places.

Indian officials have been making the same statement, day after day, that the rate of doubling of Covid-19 cases in India is decreasing. Every day, the rate decreases. And it is quite obvious, that it will.

India is somehow treating the doubling rate in a way that time taken for an increase from 1 to 2 should be the same for 10,000 to 20,000. Going by India’s logic, it seems that USA is recovering pretty fast.

USA had a doubling rate of 2 days from 21-23 march where the number of cases rose from approximately 21,000 to 44,000. Now, the cases in the US are doubling at somewhere over 34 days. That is great recovery. Right?

This logic of Indian government is wrong on so many levels that I can’t even point everything out. I am just so tired. How can a country, that takes pride in being the birth place of Aryabhatta, be so dumb at simple Maths. If Aryabhatta were alive, he would have shot all these idiots and hanged himself to death.

For calculating the actual rate of doubling and the rate of growth of Covid-19 cases, we need to factor in the difference between the increase in number of cases from one day to another. We also need to consider how and at what speed it is increasing in those areas which were earlier determined to be non-risk zones.

Like for example, India was recording a maximum of around 1800 cases per day up until 30 April. Since then, India has recorded over 2200 cases everyday. On the 4th of May, India recorded 3656 cases as compared to 2952 the day before. That is an increase of over 700.

Current Number Stands at 46,437.

Even if one were to consider the rate of doubling of a few nations from x number of cases to y number of cases; there is not much of a difference between the top countries. India had 34,000 cases on April 30. Within 4 days, India went from that to 46,436. 12,436 in 4 days. Sounds a lot to me.

In initial stages, Spain recorded that amount of cases from around the same mark in 2 days, Italy did that in 3, USA in 1.5. That is not much of a difference.

We should also keep in mind, our rate of testing, and the quality of our testing kits is nowhere near to those countries.

Also, once it gets out bad, it will be like a forest fire. Compared to those countries, India’s sanitary and health systems are not something to be proud of.

You can’t just bend the rules of mathematics as per your will to help cover your tuchises.

P.S. To make it more easy for people with a ferret’s brain; it takes less time for you to be 2 days old from the time you were 1 day old, than it takes for you to be 32 years old from the time you were 16.

Specifically, 1 day and 5843.875 days. Do the math!

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  1. As a lover of ferrets I have to take exception to your characterizing of people with the brains unable to understand simple math as having ferret brains. Ferrets are at least as intelligent as cats and dogs; they are simply far less vocal. They also can catch and spread most human viruses, including this one. Ferrets are far less likely to dispute the numbers with you than your average domestic animal.

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  2. I recall stats and calculations using something referred to as “R” not … r 0(zero…not) and the flu had like a 1 value but other calculations using the “r” not value at 3 or 4 showed an extremely high rate of spread over 10 generations of the virus (and a generation replication was a short period).


    • Currently, according to some researchers, Covid-19 is believed to have an R0 value of 5.7
      But I won’t put it in that group.
      Covid-19 theoretocally has an R-naught value higher than measles(18).

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  3. The true indicators for this pandemic seems to be the percentage of positives as they relate to the number of tests. The U.S. rate there is still huge, even though they finally got the message to test more. Testing is the key to really understanding how Covid is progressing.


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