Origin and Spread of Covid-19

This is going to be a rather long read. So, stay with me and be patient.

This is a part of the recent research paper I published and shared with a few institutions and journals like IJSER.

Observations and Hypotheses

Dr. Prithvidev Kamboj

Everyone who has studied any branch of science to a level to be informed enough, knows that there are millions or even billions of bacterias, parasites and viruses buried under the glaciers for centuires. These are nothing like what we have known, studied and diagnosed to a point to be able to develop vaccines for them.

Covid-19 seems to be one such virus. Now, some might call it a co-incidence, but being a scientist, I would very boldly say, there are no co-incidences. Only science.

At the end of September, an iceberg, almost as big as Scotland’s Isle of Skye, weighing over 315 billion tonnes, broke off the Antarctica at 90 degees east latitude. That happens to be straight under Bangladesh, with Malaysia and Indonesia along the way.

Now, we all know that the virus is believed to have been started in the Wuhan Province of China. But, what if we are wrong? What if we have been looking at it the wrong way all this while? What if it never started in China?

The iceberg that broke off the Antarctic was big enough to not melt at a fast rate. So, it is very obvious, that after having being broken apart at the end of September, it might have started melting by the second or third week of October. And an iceberg as big as that doesn’t travel across the sea very fast.

Given it’s size and weight, it might have reached near the equator only around 15-20 days after it broke off and then started flowing further. And then it started melting into the sea and releasing all it had buried inside. We were very sure about the fact that it had nutrients buried inside. But what if it also had a virus? Or viruses!

Melting from around the equator, going past the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. it spread all its contents into the sea, slowly and gradually.
Now, anything that enters the sea, remains there for years. But something as small as virus, can flow with the air (affected by turbulence), reach ground levels flowing with the water, through sea, rivers and underground water resources.

All we know is, China was the first country to have been hit hard by the virus; the first country who actually diagnosed what it was. Italy had similar cases in November, but they thought it was just some weird kind of pneumonia. What if it hit Malaysia and Indonesia earlier? With the kind of medical system those countries have, it is very possible that it might have gone undiagnosed there. Also that for some reason it didn’t really spread that fast and wide there.

It would have spread at a very high rate in Bangladesh and the entire Indian and Pakistan coastline, but wasn’t detected sooner because of low-testing rate and also the policy of “Ignorance is Bliss”.

At the moment, if you look at the graph, all the states and countries that are near the sea are worst hit by the virus.

For example;
New York – 315,000
Turkey – 126,045
Iran – 97,424
Maharashtra – 12,974
Bangladesh (9455 from 150 on April 2) is seeing an increase in cases
France – 168,693
Italy – 210,717
United Kingdom – 186,599
Germany – 165,383
Pakistan – 20,084 (as increased case count recently)
Brazil – 97,929
Mexico – 22,088
Ireland – 21,506
Ecuador (from 11,183 on April 23 to 26,366 on May 1) etc.

In Russia, the number of cases started escalating slowly and now are increasing at a very rapid rate. With time, the iceberg started melting into larger water bodies, occupying more area in them and then seeping into the underground water resources and rivers. This hypotheses can be proved by the fact that out of 134,697 cases recorded in Russia by the 3rd of May, over 60,000 were recorded in Moscow, the city located on the Volga river with a population of almost 16 million.

Volga river is the largest river in Russia with a basin size of 530,000 sq. miles and flows through major Russian cities, included the most populated, Moscow. Now, the only logical reason why Russia started experiencing a growth in number of cases of Covid-19 much later than some other nearby countries has to be the fact that most of Russian population lives away from the sea near the Volga River which is far inside Russia.

Even in the US, the first case was recorded in Washington, where a man who returned from Wuhan was found positive. Now, some may argue that he might have been a pre-carrier. But there is no way for one man to have spread the virus across 50 states within 45 days.

Even for India, the first few states recorded to have been hit hard by the Covid-19 were those near the coast (exceptions were states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and UP; but they had travelers coming in from various place and moreover, they weren’t hit that hard in the beginning).

Now I don’t have the exact figures and patterns of how it started in those countries. But I am very sure, that it started from cities near the coastline and then spread inwards. It is the only possible and visible pattern.

The only country surrounded by sea which is not being hit so badly, is Japan. It might have something to do with the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck off the east coast of Japan on the 20th of April. It possibly might have moved the water waves in a certain direction, thus decreasing the effect of Covid-19 containing air rising from the sea.

This is the only plausible theory at the moment about how the virus might have started.

The theory of it having originated from a lab in China is bollocks!
If Chinese had the brain power to make something as complex as Covid-19 with so many variations and mutations at genetic levels, they would have successfully teleported a human being into space by now.

Assuming that 2% of the 315 billion tonne iceberg comprised of Covid-19 corona virus strand, that amount to 630 million tonnes. Now, under no circumstances is it going to just evaporate or slip into the unknown all of a sudden.

And given the fact that it has been inconsistent and doesn’t really seem to be something that follows a certain pattern while flowing with the water to a general observer, that is because of the fact, waves don’t flow in any pattern. The only way we could actually study and determine the pattern of waves is by solving the Navier-Stokes equation in 3-dimensional space which we haven’t been able to do in the past 150 years.

Our best bet at determining its trajectory and extent would be to study all the undersea activities and formation of waves and winds since the day the iceberg broke off.

Concluding my observations and hypothesis, I would say, we should expect every landlocked state, city and country to be hit by the virus starting from 3rd week of this month, especially South-East Asia. And the countries that haven’t experienced the wrath of the virus yet (some because it hasn’t really hit those countries, and some because… “Ignorance is Bliss“) should be prepared for a vast and life-threatening spread of Covid-19.

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will provide much further and wider understanding with proper numbers soon.

These are just the observations I have made from the little data I had. There is a possibility I might be slightly wrong, or maybe, completely wrong. But it is my job to make observations and devise theories.

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  1. I am no scientist but I told a researcher to investigate if it was spreading near water. I am certain China did not know what hit it. I shall have to read your whole blog later. Thanks for your blog. Love and Light.

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  2. So sorry but this is nonsense. We know where the virus originated because we know the sequence. It shares very high homology with a virus found in caves of southern China. We know it has a prong for binding with the ace inhibitor of humans that is 100% the same as the binding site of the SARS1 virus that infected humans in 2003. We know from her own publications that a scientist working in that lab was making chimeric viruses by combining them. She published her results in multiple science papers and held on line seminars where she discussed her work. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to do this, especially in trying to come up with the a vaccine. The coast effect is simply because most major cities are on coastlines and the major airports in the world are also on coastlines. All the initial cases in Canada can be traced to travellers returning from China. It is a Chinese government territory Chinese virus that is natural in origin and has some evidence more than one virus being sliced and spliced together. The only question about this virus is was it released in a terrible accident and then the Chicom realized they could make a lot of money and advantage by hiding it or did they release it on purpose. Because they won’t let us in to check we can’t figure that out. It is not a bug from a chunk of ice.

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  3. my only problem with your theory is that I was convinced early in tbe game that it was bio- engineered. I have always held to the conclussion that China did not do this this. Im willing to believe some dark agency – also because of the HIV strands in it – but there is always the God factor and He can engineer anything anywhere. I like your hypothesis. We can cure water with our prayers and by cleaning it up. I am 69. I have “a bit of flue” so I am in bed. Lets hope all my vacinnes will save me. I am intuitive and I was convinced it was connected to water – the spreading of it at the very least. I was ignored I think. Dr Paul Cottrell on Youtube did not blame China. Be leans more to the USA agencies. He took flack too because he’s a dr of finance. I like your version. Please, if you are bored, bearing in mind I am not mathematically gifted, what is that equation we can not work out? How would it help? my email is theotherword2@gmail.com. Im very tired now. Get to Paul Cottrell on Youtube. maybe you can figure it out. study the lifec of water. it carries our prayers. I hope I dont die. Take care. I will be asleep for a while. Catch you later. Besides they could have buried it in the ice. not rocket science that.

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    • I am very sure about two things.
      1. China didn’t make it.
      2. It has nothing to do with god.
      Rest assured, we will find a way, provided governments start consulting brilliant minds instead of people with thinking abilities of a ferret.


      • i concur. I study revelations and this doesnt fit as to being from God so I thought man made but your ideas are worth exploring. alas I am not a scientiest. so I pray angels guide you.

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  4. An earthquake on April and iceberg on September – phenomena differing by 5 months and obviously miles apart – one preventing another ! This might be a loose end in your theory.


    • my Kabbalah teacher taught me to be illogical – look at at Doctor – go against logic. follow it. If you are wrong, no matter. You will discover new data no one else is looking at. I wish I could help.


      • Of course, that is the primary essence of theorizing – propose, experiment, confirm/disprove.

        By “illogical”, you mean “unconventional”. Indeed.

        I really appreciate your wish to help. Pray, you get well soon.👍

        Oh, by the way, I never meant to criticize “Doctor” s work, but merely was trying to locate gaps to work upon to strengthen the theory further.

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  5. Thank you. This is the first sensible thing I’ve read regarding the possible origin of this. I’m not a scientist, but I’m not stupid enough to believe the media owns or loves the truth. Thank you.

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  6. (internet intermittently cutting out on me.)
    thank you. My wife is following this also and she was the one that urged me to watch the YouTube videos in January. I will be sending her your blogs.. Just read ice berg blog and spread of virus as ice berg melted. thank you

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  7. Hello Doc. I read your paper with interest. This is the first time I have come across this possibility. Assuming this hypothesis is correct it will also imply the virus is wind and airborne and not just spread by droplets as we are made to believe. When do you anticipate this virus will reach the African continent as it appears as lots of countries are reporting that the test kits that are imported are wrongly diagnosing people as positive.


    • The testing kits are an issue for now. Most of the results are inconclusive. Also, there is a big loophole in the guidelines that need to be followed for testing an individual.
      As for covid-19 affecting the African continent, the current studies show it is least affected but we don’t know exactly how and why. Probably due to the genetic structure.
      And when I say genetic structure, I don’t mean immunity. Those are two different things.
      Regardless, if that is not the case, African continent should see a surge in number of cases starting somewhere around 3rd week of June.
      But still, it won’t be a sudden severe increase as it has been in India, etc. because of the population-area ratio.
      It will increase gradually overtime and I’d say, it has already started progressing towards that.


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