Ignorance is Bliss

India is like a person going through depression. India, as a country, is going through grief. And given the speed at which we are dealing with our grief, I would say, it will take us at least 5 months to reach the acceptance stage.

In the last 2 days alone, India recorded almost 5000 new Covid-19 cases. But still, our government and all the officials associated, are denying the fact that this could mean an increase in the rate of growth of Covid-19.

Continuous rise in number of people testing positive for coronavirus is expected to stabilise anytime soon: Niti Aayog member (PTI)

This is the statement made by a member of Niti Aayog.

I just want to ask him; what does he exactly mean by “anytime soon”? Anytime soon, as in a day, a week, a month; or what? This doesn’t seem to be quite an explanatory and relaxing statement.

Earth is going to end anytime soon.

It is going to rain anytime soon.

Earthquakes will tear the Earth apart anytime soon.

We will meet God anytime soon.

This is the first stage of grief. Denial! India is currently going through denial and isolation. This doesn’t seem good.

I mean, aren’t we supposed to get our heads together to be able to cope up with whatever is coming, rather than start sulking over it?

Ignorance is not always ‘BLISS’. This ignorance and period of grief on part of the officials, might lead to what would go down in the books of history as the greatest pandemic to have ever hit.

But yes, I am sure they are working on it and will come up with a scientific and logical strategy ‘anytime soon‘.

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  1. Great article! It reminds me of the case in Tanzania where the president ignored the seriousness of COVID-19 and failed to implement social distancing and now the country has been hit hard.

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  2. According to Kübler-Ross model , there are 5 stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
    you have said right…. we are still in denial but i think many people are living in illusion too not understanding how much serious it can get in no time 😅😅

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  3. Very rightly put. The curve is yet to flatten. Doubling rate in percentage terms is misleading, while absolute numbers are really worrisome. I feel that in red zone at least, lockdown curbs should not be relaxed.

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    • Lockdown curbs should not be lifted anywhere.
      Regardless, India will record over 150,000 cases this month in spite of India’s ignorance and miser testing strategy.


      • Well, that’s the thing. Everyone wants to rely upon an unknown entity called God or those people who completed their bachelors in 5 years and then masters in 5 more.
        There are better minds who should be provided with adequate data to be able to work on it.

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    • And if I were living there, I would be worried about that.
      Moreover, those countries have already been hit hard because of the denial strategy.
      We should learn from it and choose ‘Not’ to do it rather than follow their footsteps on the road that leads to imminent extinction.


      • well, it’s not really about if you’re living there or not. anyway, hopefully those in power will learn from those countries and not make the same mistakes.

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      • Logically, I would first think about the place that is yet to be affected following the same path rather than those that have been already affected.
        It’s inefficient.
        One should see and deal with the problem they can, not the one that has already been neglected.


  4. Thank you for your thoughts Doctor! I have one question? You presuppose the law of gravity would remain the same, if the universe were destroyed and reconstructed. If you posit that the universe can be destroyed and be reconstructed and retain a constant gravitational value; this defies the law of non-contradiction and is absolutely illogical can you please explain further how you came to your scientific conclusion?
    Thanks again !!

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    • This conclusion was rather simple.
      I studied this law when I was 5; Law of conservation of energy.
      No matter what happens, the amount of energy in a given space will remain same. It might transform from one form to another, get concentrated at some places for some time; but it will retain its nature.
      The Gravitational Constant.
      The destruction of Universe will release insane amount of energy blasts all across dimensions, but then, when it starts cooling down, it will all be the same again.
      Just like this very simple yet important event in the history of Universe which we choose to refer to as The Big Bang.

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      • But you still hold fast to a constant, an order of such, such a gravitational constant cannot create itself for it is a law. A law isn’t causal in the actual sense, a law has to be enforced. What keeps the law of gravity constant ?

        I really appreciate your response.


      • One theory, the one we universally accept, the one given by Sir Isaac Newton;
        It is the gravitational constant, given by Newton, times the mass of two bodies whose gravitational force you are calculating, divided by the square of their distance.
        Now, no matter what happens, it has been proved for centuries now, the gravitational constant will remain same, which is; 6.67408 * 10-¹¹ m³ kg-¹ s-².
        Even if we don’t have this data, if we recalculate it at whatever stage the Universe is (destructing, reconstructing), it will remain this.
        And given the fact that whatever is destroyed will somehow remain in Universe, because things tend to do so, provided we haven’t yet been able to find the hidden pocket dimensions; the total mass will remain same.
        And rest, mathematics will remain same too, so one can do the necessary calculations.


      • Sir. Isaac Newton was a Christian. He once said, “…had I not known there was a God, why would I seek to understand His laws?” Very true. Also, he humbly quipped, “ in the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence. He was right.
        I’ll stick with Newtonian Physics, and Tertulliianic Metaphysics. They didn’t try to exalt themselves above God. #lifeneverends

        Be blessed.


      • One cannot make a truth claim than something does not exist, if he has no proof that is has never existed in the first place. This is an error in David Humes skepticism from the mid 1900’s. And it’s not semantic. You can’t replace God with the word, ‘ someone’ and thereby remove yourself from the reality of of a God who is pre existing. It again defies the law of non-contradiction. How do you explain this?


      • See, we will accept the existence of God, the day we can prove it, or maybe if you and your religious books can.
        Until we can’t, we choose not to believe in fairy tales.

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      • You will not even take the time to answer why your logic on gravitational science is in defiance of the Law of Non-Contradiction. Do you understand he question I am asking you?


      • Law of Non-Contradiction states that two contradictory propositions cannot both be true at the same time.
        That is, I cannot say, Gravity exists and Gravity doesn’t exist, at the same time.
        Moreover, I am saying, Gravity exists, and will continue to exist, irrespective of what happens.
        And even if Gravity actually is and potentially isn’t, it will still satisfy the law.
        All it cannot be is: Be and not be, both at the same time.

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