Science or Religion?

If you give me an option to choose either Science or Religion, I would blindly choose science on any day. However ironic that may sound, I would still pick Science over everything else.


In very simple terms, if you take every religious book and scripture ever written and burn them all with, no trace left, they won’t be written the same again as they are right now.

But if you do the same thing with science, and then start all over from Zero, Gravity will still exist and will still be 9.8 m/s2.

Religion is based on a myth said by someone, to someone, and then to someone else, and then written by someone, all of them living in different times. Religious books are more of a person’s point of view, rather than being something substantial we can rely upon.

Whereas Science, it is all true. It has its errors, its faults, rights and wrongs. It can be theorized, proved, explained and advanced from time to time.

Religion expects one to live life in the 21st century based on something that was written thousands of years ago, in a completely different world, under some particular circumstances, by someone who was going through something at that particular time and had a completely different opinion and context.

Religion shoves stuff down your throat. You can’t argue!

But with Science, you can argue as much as you want. And if you don’t believe something, you have all the right to get out there, study, and prove your theory.

Moreover, Science is based on facts, data, patterns and numbers.

Religion is based on some ever so elusive entity called God!

Take your pick. Choose Wisely!

P.S. Don’t tell me that religion and science can go hand in hand. No! They cannot.

And also, don’t tell me it is fine have a scientific bend and still believe because you are spiritual, not religious.

That’s just stupid!

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  1. I’m not religious, but I respect religion. You make the point that science, more or less, contains its own set of issues and the same can be said about religion. I think the expectation that one must chose one over the other is too high for most people. I think people want to believe in science, but in many cases it’s too definite. In science death is death, global warming could be the end of the world, cancer kills, COVID-19 is, indeed, more harmful than the flu, etc. In all of these cases there is no savior, no hope – most people need that. The science vs. religion debate isn’t as black and white as it seems.


  2. My family was formed because of religion.

    My great-great-great grandfather was from Konigsberg and Jewish. He was forced out of the city, buy the anti-Jewish laws. When he came to the UK, it seems he had had enough of being a Jew and got married in a church. On my mother’s side they are a long Hugunote line.

    But their experience of religion seems to have turned them into agnostics with a good moral philosophy.


  3. I am very critical of religion the way it is taught and practiced in these times. But, I am a strong believer in the existence of God. Nature is too perfect, morality – the sense of right and wrong – too innate, too inborn to have to be from any other source than an all intelligent being. That said. I also strongly believe that Science is the gradual but definite ongoing discovery of God. I believe an innate knowledge of science, how everything works, how to make what today seems impossible to us happen, God’s divine ability deposited in us is part of what we lost when Adam sinned; and every scientific discovery we make, is the result of the divine spark left in us, which we now discover only through rigorous study, through hard work, rather than through reflexive thought as it would have been, if man hadn’t sinned.


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