A Mind Like Tesla’s

Nikola Tesla, the man who gave electricity, who lighted up the entire world, along with hundreds of other ground-breaking theories and inventions; the man we all want to be; will remain the greatest mind history has and will ever know.

He was the one who theorized that AC current was far better than DC. He is the reason, power plants were set up so that electricity could reach every single home. He was the man behind the first hydro-electric power plant, built in the Niagara Falls and he was the man who started the electrification of the world.

The man could fluently speak 8 different languages. He was a scientist extra-ordinaire. The man will go down in all the books of history, as the greatest mind to have ever lived.

But of course, there are still some idiots who think it was Thomas Edison who made the most world-changing discoveries. Well, it wasn’t. All Edison was, was a thief. The man who had money, and an above average intelligence. But he wasn’t Tesla. Tesla was an eccentric genius. Edison was border-line. Edison knew how to manipulate people. Tesla didn’t.

And at the end, even after giving the world something as illusive as electricity, after giving the world a completely new beginning and a vast understanding of science, the man died in a dingy motel room, all alone, with nothing but a penny in his pocket.

The problem with our world is that we teach everyone about Edison, and just a few, about Nikola Tesla.

And then they ask, what the hell is wrong with our Education System!

Well, for starters, EVERY ‘DAMN’ THING.

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  1. This is so true! From what was taught to me I used to think Edison as the only potential scientist of all time. I visited Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade once and I was amazed by Tesla’s works. I immediately told my friend that he was so much underrated. Infact, Edison reject to take Tesla’s ideas once and his idea later became a success. This is an amazing post!

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    • Tesla used to work for Edison. And when Tesla theorized the efficiency of Alternate Current over DC, Edison felt threatened. Tesla ended up building his own company and made electricity reach every single home.

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