Economy Hitting Potential Zero

With the entire Covid-19 situation aggravating all across the globe, it is safe to assume that the global economy will reach its Potential Zero in just a matter of time.

We can still work in ways to stop that from happening, or at best, delay the probable cause, but we need to change our approach. Trying too hard to save the economy by re-opening states and businesses and allowing them to work at their full potential will eventually hit back hard at us. Rather, a better approach is to work in small numbers. Opening states in a scattered way rather than in clusters. Allowing businesses to run by capping their employee presence and per day production and gradually easing out.

If everything is just allowed to be as it was, it would take no time for the Covid-19 to aggravate and multiply at rates so high that it will get light years ahead of us. Once that happens, there will possibly be no way for us to counter it.

It is a general human nature to be stupid. To live in the present and completely ignore the worst possibilities of future. Humans are such arrogant bastards, they want to protect everything. They want to reach levels beyond science and space. Beyond our civilization. That is a good thing, but one can’t expect it to happen overnight.

It is better to keep the economy stable or at best, allowing it to fall in bits and pieces, rather than re-opening everything in the attempt to boost it and ending up in a hole too deep to get out of.

The situation we are in, we don’t need to protect the economy from falling. It will fall, no matter what. We just need to protect the people who will help build it up again while protecting the economy from hitting its Potential Zero.

It is much easy to earn a 100 bucks if you already have 50 rather than when you have nothing.

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4 replies

  1. You are such a self obsessed fuck who thinks he is smart
    u r a stain who begged once
    u will always be that
    stupid piece of arrogant shit
    a nothing

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    • Firstly, you are a bit too cocky for your name.
      Secondly, I am kind of one of the few people with an IQ in excess of 170. So, it is safe to assume that I am smart.
      And lastly, you know, it’s really weird that I like your statement.
      I mean, not like you really made an effort to type in the complete words, but it’s fine.

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  2. “Humans Are Such Arrogant Bastards”.. Well said, brilliant thing though a working human mind, 7 billion super high tech machines working together to solve a problem. The world is an amazing place:)


    • A quantum computer is the fastest and most amazing piece of tech.
      It can either do wonders or disasters.
      Depends how one codes it.
      So is the human brain.
      If one doesn’t want to understand, human brain is a nothing but a piece of shit.
      If one is open to ideas beyond comprehension, it’s the most beautiful thing.


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