Did China Actually Develop The Virus?

All the countries, rather than trying to find the actual source of virus and developing a vaccine to treat it, especially USA (Donald Trump), are instead more interested in blaming China for the pandemic.

The Covid-19 virus is so complex and has so many various mutations, if it were developed by someone, they deserve to be acknowledged at first. Everything follows thereafter.

A virus which has been known to be cured using medicines for completely different diseases in different parts of thr world suggests how it is not affecting a single protein.

If China developed this thing in a lab, well… this is the ultimate best, the epitome of Bio-Hacking. This is genetic engineering at its bloody best. Building something so complex, something with so many strands and mutations, affecting different people in different ways, at different rates… sheer brilliance.

And also, bats! Yeah, Bats. Well, let the Chinese eat what they want. Bats might just not be solely responsible for Covid-19.

The best thing for nations to do, is to look for a vaccine rather than create some stupid hypothetical situations and expect that China would just say, “Gotcha! I did it. How was it”?

No. That ain’t happening. Not because they won’t agree to it, but because they don’t have the ability to pull off something so brilliant and so complex.

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  1. “Not because they won’t agree to it, but because they don’t have the ability to pull off something so brilliant and so complex”.

    I believe inspiration brings results, good or otherwise, even when ‘brilliant’ is lacking.


  2. If China did indeed create this in a lab (which I have no idea what would be the point), and if such is ever, in the future, proven as a fact, China should be overthrown as a country.

    Assassinations. Blackmail. A coup of force. Whatever it takes. If this is ever proven (and I’m not saying that it will) as factual, then everything, from the Chinese language, to your average stand selling Bok Choys, should be reduced to ash.


      • Hence the word “if” used repeatedly, in my comment.

        Seriously… I’m getting downright tired of “justice” being used in the name of vengeance. I respect the Japanese old way of committing suicide when disgrace fell upon a soldier’s mind. There was honor in that.

        What would your friendly neighborhood dictator or simple corrupt CEO think of such words like “disgrace” and “dishonor”?

        Again, I respect those old ways. I would never call them extreme. A promise means something to me. To me, it means “placing your life on the line, to keep that promise. If you break it, then you’re scum.”

        That was a bit off-topic, though you should get my idea. I know it’s not true that China created a virus. But… on any scale of true betrayal to the world, to one’s people, to one’s friends, I am never kind, in my words, nor my actions, about such matters.


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