USA – The Greatest Country?

Next time you want to call USA, the greatest nation, do consider this video.

I mean, seriously, dear citizens of the great United States of America, are you actually so dumbass stupid? Well, clearly, some of you are.

And President Donald Trump needs to to understand that this is why institutions like Harvard should be provided more funding than the Casinos.

I really didn’t want to write this, but then, people fascinate me. How can you be so mentally retarded and still call your country, the greatest?

A country isn’t just about the economy or space exploration, it’s much more about every person being able to understand the basic need of the hour. It’s about people being able to differentiate the right from wrong.

You don’t need to go out on the streets asking for freedom when someone is trying to save your worthless lives.

You, dear citizens of the great America, don’t seem to be smart enough.

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  1. There is a school of thought that advocates just letting the virus rip through populations until they’ve built up herd immunity. I think initially the UK flirted with the idea, but then saw what was happening in Italy and, if that had been the intention, wisely changed course. I do feel that the real battle is yet to come as populations , especially the younger members who are statistically less at risk and also tend to be more active, start to get restless and break isolation too early. The only time we can really relax and get back to true normality is when we have all been vaccinated.

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      • I didn’t say it was ‘all’ the young or ‘solely’ the young, but ‘especially’ the young. Older people know that they are more at risk than younger people so they have more motivation to stay in isolation. We cannot deny that it is tougher for young people, especially single young people who are often at that tricky stage of their life when they really don’t want to be stuck at home watching box sets on Netflix, which is something that perhaps isn’t as unappealing to my age group, (providing there’s enough pizza to accompany!). Yes, I agree that young people will have to stay at home as will we all in order to protect our health workers (my daughter is one) but if we acknowledge that it’s tougher for young people we could perhaps put the message over in a more attractive manner, maybe “we know it’s tough for you, but you need to stay at home for these reasons;…” rather than just “stay at home and don’t be so ignorant & selfish”. We were all young once, and I know that I did some pretty stupid things then that hopefully over time I have learned from. Take care & stay safe !

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  2. The whole problem is this virus is placing everyone on level playing ground. It is not discriminatory against race, socioeconomic status or important names. Equality—the number one thing the USA has never been able to come to terms with. They love their caste system sooo much. They’d rather go bankrupt from a moral perspective than address the real problem. Add those Wall Street Wizards and God only knows who else and you have a nation that is too concerned about power and not enough about sustainability,. There is no way you would find me in the streets protesting or anything else. But if the herd mentality is headed for extinction it will be without me and mine. I’d rather be poor and healthy with peace in my home than wealthy and dead and still not satisfied in the streets. In America the pros are for money, money, money and the cons are for just let God sort them out. This has become the land of Egypt and the plague is wiping out the ones that do not take heed to instruction.

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  3. I am proud to be an American. Say what you will. We’ve heard it all.
    One thing we believe in is not painting an entire country’s population with a broad brush.
    Nor the differing peoples scattered at the Tower of Babel.
    The sad truth is that ignorance and injustice can be found in any land.
    How about we work at making bridges, instead?

    “I stopped thinking about the places where we don’t meet eye to eye,
    And instead embraced those where we do.”
    – Scott R. O’Connor

    Seek peace,

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  4. I am an American and the level of ignorance … willful ignorance …. astounds me. I can’t speak for the nation, only for myself, but the country has been dumbed down. I am no genius but I like to stay informed, read books, feed my mind. I am the odd one out it seems. Drinking beer, watching TV, football, basketball, baseball are what way to many Americans prefer. I read chess books (followed Anand for years but this guy Magnus is unbelievable), like the outdoors, don’t like wasting time watching sports except the Olympics, and drawing cartoons (so I can break the laws of nature in cartoon form).

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