The World Is Full of Idiots

I just happened to come across this article on Indiatimes.

I mean, why? Before starting to expect and hype up about the second wave, can we first just deal with the one that has already hit?

The kind of strategy we have employed to fight against the virus and our approach to contain it hasn’t really put it at bay.

So just before putting out articles filled with stupidity, can we try to contain and fight the present situation, rather than constructing unforseeable hypothetical futures to scare the people?

And yes, I won’t say that I didn’t expect this from Indiatimes.

This is exactly the kind of thing you can expect from a bunch of uneducated fellows who don’t really consider to give a crap about the actual facts.

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      • When at present time , there is still a lot to do to deal with it, saying anything what will happen in future will only make situation more worst. My fellow colleagues are working in covid wards day -night and seeing all these things and whatever is happening in our country is really heart breaking


      • We can just hope that one day , they will understand importance of medical fraternity and respect their work not only in epidemic time like this but always like all the efforts we put to save the every single life.


      • Some do. Others just don’t have any regard for science in general.
        They are of the opinion that God, a completely illusive entity, will somehow bend the curvature of space-time just to protect them.

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      • I disagree. Science should always take the precedence.
        It can prove things. Maybe not today, but one day, it will prove everything.
        The other thing… Oh well, sheer non-sense.


      • Yes, I agree, one day surely science will be able to explain everything, I myself is science person but I do believe in god too and for me it work both ways.


  1. Nothing has been as contagious as COVID19.It created loss of lives more than anything that I have ever imagined.In 2003 when SARS( Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome) arrived all over the world.There was the story about Chinese Scientists in the lab and selling the animals that was used instead of cremation.Nobody knows the truth.SARS was not as deadly as COVID19 even though it is of the same family.We took all the precautionary measures to keep our patients safe and the medical team safe.
    Then in 2014 was the arrival of Ebola but it was well controlled.The USA was not affected as such.It was so distance away from here.Thank God.
    Then in 2019 was China Scientists at Wuhan.The truth is not going to come out.And nobody is expecting it.
    Nobody believe that bats are guilty of that.But everyone believe that finding a solutions to this predicament should be the most important thing. Causative factors and aftermath of the virus should be dealt with at a later date.
    But the top most priority is a permanent solutions which include vaccines, medications, testing ,contact tracing and helping those that survived COVID19 get back on their feet.
    Be strong, have faith and comply with CDC guidelines.
    Together will can do this. Something positive must come out of this.The souls of the departed must not be in vain. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace amen.

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    • Only if CDC didn’t have Trump looking over their shoulders.
      For the moment, not one medical organizations has made a statement that sounds sane enough.


      • It is unethical that at this critical COVID19 PANDEMIC,we are soliciting for vivid, concrete, scientific based information rather than the information readily available at out fingertips. But hang in there.We are in the darkness time of the night and sunlight is at the corner. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


    • When things fall apart, man shall no longer be at ease. 2020 is unbelievable year, it has a really bad beginning.
      As if COVID19 is not enough.”Murder Hornets” have now arrived to interfere with our pollution. Where are the agricultural sector, the animal control and the Public health.Lots of confusion, there is no assurance.But we must continue to hope against hope for the right medications, the right vaccines, social and physical distance, 6feet distance, wash our hands with soap and water frequently, use hand sanitizer, sneeze into your elbow,if you are sick stay home, cover your face when you go outside. Be safe.

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  2. I believe in a higher power and it is most certainly not man. Something way bigger created all that is and man thinks he can crack the code. He can’t and won’t. He is not supposed to. (All he would do is weaponize it or try to cash in on it…that is how evolved we are.)
    The dinosaurs tried it and look where they are.

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  3. We have a global crisis in our hands.There are panic and fears everywhere.
    The discussion about the second waves when we have not finished the first wave might not be a good idea.
    This is a virus that infected millions of people and killed so many.We are still in pain and in danger depending on your type of job.
    This is a public crisis.Desensitizing ourselves towards the current situation is unfair.
    The theory of second waves of COVID19 when we don’t have a solution to the first is callousness.
    We are still in the process of manufacturing vaccines and medications.
    We must remain focused on the first COVID19 PANDEMIC.
    The ability to deal with first waves will help us to manage the second wave.


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