Why Can People ‘Not’ See Patterns?

Everything, including the most complex combination of bodies – The Universe, has a certain pattern to it. No matter how weird or confusing or incomprehensible it may seem, everything will somehow have some kind of pattern to it. And it doesn’t always take a genius to see those patterns.

But somehow, it seems like no one is capable of seeing those patterns. I mean, it is a possibility that one might end up being wrong, but then, that is the point of science and mathematics. You gotta try and fail, to finally succeed.

Given the Covid-19 situation, if one studies and analyzes the entire spread of the virus right from its origination in China, to me, it seems to follow a certain pattern.

Seems like it moves in the form of sine wave. And while it is peaking in one country, it starts to boost in another and then slowly fades away in the first.

And if my analysis is correct, within the next month, it will peak in the United States while boosting up in the Indian Sub-Continent.

I just hope the authorities can see the patterns too and can analyse better than me, given they have far better and reliable data.

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