Is Hydroxychoroquine Benefecial For Covid-19?

Right now, every country is drooling over the need to attain as many HCQ pills as they can. But the question is, does it really help with Covid-19?

I, personally don’t think that it does. HCQ is a medicine used to cure malaria.

HCQ is also used to treat Lupus, an autoimmune disease.

And given the fact that we know absolutely nothing about the biological properties of Covid-19, I don’t think if giving HCQ is a great way out.

HCQ boosts a person’s immune system and helps fight the disease.

Covid-19 might possibly be immune to the drug. Many parasites have been known to be immune to various drugs.

Like, for example, a certain parasite gets hyperactive if a person is given a shot of interferon which, otherwise treats various other viruses.

Maybe, Covid-19 is immune to HCQ and gets hyperactive in some cases, leading to instant deaths or HCQ poisoning.

Mathematically, using HCQ as a potential cure would only lead to saving 2-5% of the people infected with Covid-19.

And where I come from, those are NOT good odds at all.

It might prevent one from being infected by Covid-19 coronavirus in some parts of the world, if consumed sooner, but after one is infected, it surely won’t serve the purpose.

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  1. I would like to add, that medicine is just makes doctors and patient body digestive system such that they are made stool pass, vomiting… really thats an side effect of it.. yet it works for patients cause it pushes their immune system to get stronger.


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