Everyone dreams. Everyone has Dreams! Everyone sleeps at night and dreams about something. I too, have had a million dreams.

I have had dreams every night. A lot of them. Some, very beautiful; some, weird and heart-breaking; and some, completely confusing. But there was nothing special about those dreams. Everyone has that kind of dreams. But it is this one dream that stands out.

A dream which I never saw in my sleep. A dream which kept me awake for hundreds of nights; a dream which hasn’t let me be at peace forever now.

Every single day, I have dreamed about you. About being with you; having a life with you; being able to call you mine in front of the world. This dream has never left me since the day I met you. And when I see you in this dream of mine, I see you wearing the most beautiful, the most gorgeous white dress there could ever be, and you, with your curly hair, your breath-taking smile, and your ever so fascinating gait, just pull me into this unknown dimension of love where nothing else seems to reside.

It is like, a land of Gods in my dream and you are the Holy Angel who owns it. This dream feels so real at times, that I can’t even differentiate it from reality and end up living it like it is all real.

Like others, I don’t have Dreams! I have just one.

A Dream! You!

Categories: love

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