Is God Bigger than Covid-19?

While Covid-19 coronavirus continues to infect thousands and take hundreds of lives everyday, a question springs up in your mind, “Is God bigger than Covid-19 or not”?

Personally, I don’t even think if God is real. Because if, somehow, by some insane permutations and combinations of irrationality He were, I would consider it safe enough to say, He has no interest in the entire Human kind and that He is mentally sick.

If you consider everything to be an act of God and consider that children are a part of God and closest to Him and are spared by His might, give me one good reason why an infant got infected by Covid-19?

In short, all I want to tell you is, God isn’t out there taking care of anything so that you can stay safe.

There is just science. And science wants you to do it on your own and stay put.

Don’t expect Covid-19 not to hit you because you are the most religious person on the face of this Earth.

P.S. God is NOT bigger than Covid-19 because He DOESN’T Exist! Period.

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  1. Dear Sadah, Not only does God exist, but He deeply loves you. Even when you say He is mentally sick, He loves you … because He listens to your heart, not your voice. He hears all our hearts as we cry out against the injustices and evils of this earthly life. He knows the pains and struggles we humans cope with daily. He weeps with us when precious little ones are sick, or when they are taken out of life before they ever had a chance to live. But He has a better home prepared for them where there is no sickness, no sorrow. That is called Heaven, and belongs to another life after death. For now, we live in a fallen, sinful world. God created life to be good and whole, but because He is love, He gave us each a free will to make our own decisions. Without that, we would be puppets at His whim. We would have no choice but to obey and follow Him. God is not a dictator, He is a loving Father. True, genuine love cannot be forced or demanded.True, genuine love is always a choice. That is the only way it can last forever. Since this life will always have its struggles, how wonderful to know our Loving Creator Father has our back – to assure, comfort, and guide us. But we do have a free will and can choose to accept His love or refuse it. I pray you will accept it. May God richly bless you.


  2. I have never believed in a “Personal God” – I do believe that the energy of the Universe flows through all living things – essentially making us all God. Thank you for following my blog.


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