What If…?

What if the Covid-19 corona virus is just a decoy so that China can engage every other country in the quest to find a cure for it and while they do so, they use all their resources and ruin the global economy, which then China can take advantage of and end up becoming the super and foremost power in the world?


Given the history of China and all other facts given, I don’t suppose it would be completely moronic to think of it as one of the possibilities.

I mean, who knows who is upto what?

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  1. It is chilling, and sort of terrifying to consider this. It is something interesting to think about but not something that anyone should dwell on. Because fear of the unknown outcomes and changes is too great.

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  2. One of my elderly people actually said this last night… they sit watching tv or on computer and saw something about some Chinese nationals being arrested awhile ago…


    I dunno what to think..

    China itself kinda screwed us ALL here … whether they meant to or not… and now look – it’s insane … the entire world locked down!! What the hell is that??

    And then my elderly person who brought this up said … China would have had no issues doing on purpose – they already try to control their own population and this takes out the older generation 😮

    Oh my god! I do not know what to think – I would like to say “nothing surprises me anymore” … but I am constantly being surprised!! Just when I think I can’t be shocked anymore – then someone finds a way 🤨

    This one was a BIG whammy with however it is.


  3. Something is definitely going on, whether it’s China or the USA or another country, most would survive covid-19 but will we survive the economic crash that’s happening. That’s what scares me.

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