Has India finally been hit?

Nations like China and North Korea have shown a tenacity to hide the actual facts from the world in the times of this world wiping crisis.

It is believed that China has recorded over 600,000-700,000 deaths in last 3 months. The actual numbers are still hazy and countries, for some reason, are not reporting their actual figures.

India too has been a part of that stupid culture of not reporting facts.

India has been so ignorant of the fact that covid-19 might well be the biggest pandemic in the history of mankind, that they have completely left out the idea of community transmission in a nation whose population is over 1.3 billion.

Mathematically speaking, if it were not for India’s habit of believing that Covid-19 cannot hit them as they are protected by their “GODS”, and if they would have actually tested people at the rate they should be, India should by now have reported at least 40,000-50,000 positive cases.

But yeah, Covid-19 cannot hit Indians because they have the strongest immunity; all credits to their nutrition rich diet comprising of all the crap sold on the streets.

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  1. Well here (United States) we don’t have the ability to test everyone and they don’t have all the supplies either
    They are only testing people who match criteria to do so… so current reporting numbers of infected here is incorrect. Numbers go up daily and so do the deaths.
    Is scary ☹️ please be careful!


  2. This is not true friend …india was one of the few very countries which completely locked down border’s before it was too late ….. World is appreciating India for that …

    Now we r supplying HCQ medicines to world …. USA and other countries


      • Hmm you cannot hide corona positive patient’s …. ventilator machine’s …. hospital itself 😃

        Till China and North Korea it is understood …but not india or USA… these are democratic countries … media is so active here

        Hey pal have you noticed the mathematics and flow chart between france and Germany …. Why death rates are higher in France ☺

        I’m Medico student ….. doctor’s in india are best … So is the medical facilities ….now our target is to supply HCQ medicines across the globe…. May God bless us all , Hallelujah💐✨🙌


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